Innocent viewers are highly suspicious of this character following episode one

Are you watching the new series of the ITV drama?

The highly-anticipated new series of ITV's Innocent aired on Monday evening and already fans are engrossed in the mystery drama and trying to suss out the murder culprit.

The first episode introduced us to all the characters in the story including recently exonerated Sally Wright (Katherine Kelly) - but there was another character that viewers are particularly suspicious of.

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We also met Sally's ex-husband, Sam (Jamie Bamber), and his new partner, Karen (Priyanga Burford), and it seems that many watching at home think there's more to Karen than meets the eye.

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WATCH: Innocent returns to ITV starring Katherine Kelly

Taking to social media, fans of the show were eager to express their theories on how Karen could somehow be involved in the murder of Sally's former pupil Matty Taylor – the crime for which she was recently acquitted.

One person tweeted: "I don't trust the ex-husband's new fiancée. She seems way too obsessed with him. #Innocent." A second person agreed, writing: "The new wife is acting a bit suspicious.  #Innocent." A third wrote: "I'm calling it... the soon to be new wife."

Meanwhile, a fourth fan was convinced that Sam is the one hiding secrets, writing: "Did I hear right when the new partner said to [Sam] about sticking by him through whatever he's done?? WHY do I feel like he's guilty and hiding something!? #innocent #itv @ITV." Could they be in cahoots together? We'll have to wait and see.

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Viewers are suspicious of Sam and Karen

Unlike series one of Innocent, which saw Lee Ingleby's character David fight to clear his name, viewers of series two know straight away that Sally is innocent thanks to new evidence -  but it doesn't repair her reputation.

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The four episodes will detail Sally's journey as she pieces her life back together again after losing everything – her job, husband and home. Alongside Katherine, Jamie and Priyanga, other notable names made their entrance in Monday night's episode.

It's A Sin star Shaun Dooley plays the detective in charge of solving Matty's murder, while Ackley Bridge star Amy-Leigh Hickman plays Karen's daughter, Beth.

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