Innocent: viewers convinced they've worked out mystery identity behind shock twist

Warning! Spoilers for Innocent episode two ahead…

Innocent viewers were sofa detectives once again on Tuesday night as they attempted to work out what really happened to 16-year-old Matty Taylor.

The second episode saw plenty of evidence come to light but one particular twist in the story had everybody scratching their heads. Warning! Spoilers for episode two of Innocent ahead…

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As well as seeing Sally Wright return to her teaching position at her former school, the episode also provided more insight into the character of Anna. The teenager was accused and subsequently arrested for fabricating the story of the pupil-teacher affair between Sally and Matty, which aroused suspicion of Sally following Matty's death.

However, the biggest shock came nearer the end of the episode when viewers discovered that Matty's dad, John, was not his biological father. It was this twist that prompted a host of new theories.

Matty's mum admitted she'd had a one-night stand with someone she didn't know in Blackpool. In addition, others spotted the keyring that Sally gave to her ex-husband, Sam, was from Blackpool Tower – which lead many to put two and two together.

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Could Sam be Matty's real dad?

One person said on Twitter: "Who else thinks [Sally's] ex is Matty's dad? #Innocent." Another tweeted: "Matty's real dad was supposedly a fling in Blackpool? And the ex was given a key ring with Blackpool on it!"

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Anna was arrested in episode two

A third wrote: "Convinced since episode one that the ex-husband is dodgy, I think he manipulates women into sleeping with him (is he a parole officer?). Episode two makes me wonder if he manipulated [Matty's] mum into sleeping with him. Blackpool keyring convinced me #innocent."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "#Innocent It's hard for me to work it out but I'll have a crack and say the lad's real dad was Sally's hubby."

In the teaser clip for episode three, which was shown just before the closing credits on Tuesday night, Sam can be seen sitting down at the police station saying "I'm going to tell you the truth" – but what exactly is the truth? We can't wait to find out…

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