Brian Cox's Adventures in Space and Time: meet the scientist's family 

Will you be watching Adventures in Space and Time?

Brian Cox is set to amaze us in his new show Adventures in Space and Time, but how much do you know about the physicist when he's not blowing our minds with science secrets? Find out more about the star here... 

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Brian is married to TV presenter and writer Gia Milinovich. The 51-year-old has previously presented shows including Demolition Day, and was in the technical team for 2009 series Electric Dreams. 

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On the site for the BBC Four show, Gia is described as a technology writer "with a lifelong passion for computing". She is also a keen artist, and shares her work on her Instagram account, @giamilinovich. While most of her posts are of her incredible work, she shared a snap of herself and Brian with Buzz Aldrin back in 2019, writing: "It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing today, so here’s a photo from when we had dinner with Buzz." 

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The pair tied the knot in 2003, and share one son, 12-year-old George. While they keep snaps of George off social media, Brian once joked about watching Thunderbirds with the youngster, tweeting: "Watching Thunderbirds with my son. Things just break and explode through bad design. But Jeff Tracey et al have superb tech that never breaks. If they'd followed some sort of open-source tech model these disasters would never have happened. It's morally ambiguous at best." 

Gia and Brian with Buzz 

The family also own two cats, Luna and Taiyō. Gia shared snaps of their new furry friends on Instagram back in November, writing: "This is Luna. She was born on the 16th of July- the day Apollo 11 left for the Moon. She is tiny and has mittens... Here’s Taiyō... She’s settled right in with her curled ears." 

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