Viewers have mixed reaction to Channel 5's Anne Boleyn drama 

Jodie Turner-Smith plays Anne Boleyn in the new series 

Channel 5's much-anticipated drama Anne Boleyn premiered last night, and while some viewers were full of praise for the three-part Tudor-era drama, others were less impressed by the script. 

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Taking to Twitter to discuss the opening episode, one person wrote: "I bow to Queen @MissJodie loved the portrayal of Queen Anne Boleyn in episode one just now. We saw Anne’s sharp tongue, rashness, temper, caring and charitable side. A very fair portrayal in my view. Looking forward to the next two episodes." 

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Another added: "It was wonderful. Finally, Herstory, not his. The panic and claustrophobia was palpable. Take no heed of the naysayers. Well done @MissJodie," while a third wrote: "A difficult point to jump into the story... I thought @MissJodie was excellent. So aware that she was living on a knife-edge." 

What did you think of the episode? 

However, others were less impressed by the episode, with one writing: "Good production but expected more. Nothing new added. No mention of Queen Katherine's funeral on the day Anne miscarried either. Will stick with it tho." 

Another addressed the reaction to Jodie's casting in the show, writing: "My problem with #AnneBoleyn was not skin colour of actress, but just that it was dull. Added nothing dramatically or historically to our understanding of the character or the period. What was the point? Jodie Turner-Smith did a perfectly good job btw, but was thwarted by thin material." 

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Jodie has previously opened up about the racist backlash she received following her casting, telling Glamour: "I had just become a mother and that was what really jumped out at me, the story of Anne as a mother. 

Jodie plays Anne Boleyn

"I did know it would be something that people felt very passionately about, either in a positive or a negative way, because Anne is a human in history who people feel very strongly about. More than anything, I wanted to tell the human story at the centre of all of this."

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