Viewers divided over second episode of Scandi-style drama Before We Die

Are you watching the Channel 4 series?

Crime thriller Before We Die continued on Channel 4 on Wednesday evening and it seems that viewers were left with a pretty mixed reaction and unsure of whether to keep watching. 

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The new show is a remake of the Swedish version of the same name and focuses on detective inspector Hannah Laing, played by actress Lesley Sharp, who is hell-bent on finding out who murdered her lover and former partner, Sean.

Taking to social media during the second episode - which saw Hannah and her new partner, Billy (Vincent Regan), begin investigating the Mimica family, believing them to be responsible for Sean's murder - many expressed their disappointment as the show failed to keep them on the edge of their seats.

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WATCH: Are you watching new Channel 4 drama Before We Die?

One person wrote: "#BeforeWeDie has so much potential, but I don't know, I'm just not convinced or intrigued enough to give it my full attention," while another said: "After a brilliant first episode, tonight I am completely lost with #BeforeWeDie. Don't think I'll be tuning back in next week." 

A third viewer mused: "I prefer the #WalterPresents Scandi series of #BeforeWeDie by far."

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However, it wasn't all bad news as plenty of other viewers were full of praise for the series, especially Lesley's performance. As one fan wrote: "Lesley Sharp is sublime in #BeforeWeDie, isn't she?" 

Episode two saw Hannah close in on the Mimica family

Another echoed this, responding underneath: "I agree Lesley Sharp completely awesome! I think her delivery is incredibly velvety and elegant and there is a stately richness to her tone. There is a quiet understated elegance to her which is pretty unique #BeforeWeDie."

All six episodes of the series are available to stream on All4, meaning plenty of viewers have already watched them all. As for whether the series will be returning for a second instalment, Irish actor Patrick Gibson, who plays Hannah's wayward son Christian, recently teased: "There's no plot lines that are left unanswered necessarily, but the show ends on – like yeah absolutely [there could be] more, it could develop.

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"I would love to [make a second season], I think even just to see… because for every character there's an emotional arc that happens where they're not the same person as they are at the start of the show," he told Digital Spy. "[To] pick that up and see a whole other few episodes with them would be really cool… Hopefully!"

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