In the Footsteps of Killers: was Suzy Lamplugh's killer ever caught? 

Suzy Lamplugh was an estate agent who went missing in 2005 

Channel 4's true-crime documentary In the Footsteps of Killers will look at the mysterious disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh, an estate agent who went missing without a trace in 1986 after supposedly showing a man around a house. She was declared dead in 1994, but was her killer ever caught?

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When did Suzy Lamplugh go missing? 

Suzy, who was 25 at the time of her disappearance, had made a note in her diary about meeting with a 'Mr Kipper' to show him around a house. As such, it was believed that she had intended to meet the man outside a property for sale of Shorrolds Road, and witnesses saw a woman matching Suzy's description speaking to a man holding a bottle of champagne before getting into a BMW.

Suzy went missing in 1986 and was declared dead eight years later

Has Suzy Lamplugh's killer been caught? 

Suzy's killer has never been brought to justice, but police have named their only suspect in 2015, despite having insufficient evidence to convict him of the crime. 

John is the prime suspect in her death

Convicted murderer and rapist John Cannan was considered a prime suspect after being released from prison days before Suzy's disappearance, which was supported by the claims that his prison nickname was Kipper. Cannan's ex-girlfriend told police he had confessed to her about the murder, and she and fellow inmates both told the police conflicting stories about where they believed he had buried Suzy's body. 

At the time, Daphne Sargent told the press: "As soon as I heard about Suzy. I knew it was John. It had all the hallmarks - right down to the champagne."

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Former detective chief inspector Bryan Saunders told The Independent back in 2011 that he also believed Cannan was the killer, saying: "Inquiries showed that he went window-shopping for girls. He would spot an attractive girl in an estate agent's or building society and pursue her."

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Where is John Cannan now? 

John is currently serving three life sentences for the murder of Shirley Banks in October 1987, attempted kidnapping of Julia Holman the night before Shirley's death, and the sexual assault of a woman in 1986. 

An unnamed relative previously told Daily Mail that they believed he would confess to Suzy's death following his elderly mother's death. Speaking to the newspaper back in 2018, they said: "I don’t think he will say anything until his mother passes away. They were very close, she used to visit him in prison every week.

Suzy was thought to be showing a man around a property

"I don’t think he would want to bring all the attention back on to her. He will wait until she is dead to reveal what happened." Cannan is serving his sentence at HMP Full Sutton in York, and will be eligible for parole in 2023. 

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