Endeavour star’s wife and son starred in hit show - but did you spot them? 

Roger Allam plays Fred Thursday in the hit series 

One of the reasons that fans love Endeavour so much is down to Roger Allam’s Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, Endeavour’s partner who helps him out in the early days of his career in the police force. But did you know that Roger has welcomed several of his family members onto the show? 

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Roger’s wife, fellow actor Rebecca Saire, and one of his sons, William, have both starred in the popular crime show - but did you spot them? The pair appeared together in season seven, episode two, which originally aired in February 2020. 

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In the episode, Rebecca plays Mrs Hazel Radowicz, while William plays her son, Gary, who ends up being murdered in the episode. Speaking about a scene in which Hazel had to identity Gary’s body in the episode, Roger opened up about his reaction to the tough scene. He told Masterpiece: “It’s a strange double thing, because of course, I thought I’d be really upset. 

Roger's wife and son appeared in season seven

“But we’d travelled in together, and I’d seen William in makeup and everything, so there’s a part of you that knows—I knew he wasn’t dead. It’s a very strange kind of double reality. It is undeniable that it is very powerful to go in and see your son on a slab and your wife being very, very upset, and you’re not. I wasn’t his father—my character isn’t his father, so it’s a very strange situation. 

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“And of course, it was also the first scene that either of them did, so Rebecca had to sort of leap in at, probably, the most difficult thing to do.” 

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