Where is Downton Abbey filmed? See the stunning locations here

The period drama isn't only shot at Highclere Castle

It may be a while before the doors of Downton Abbey open back up since the upcoming movie sequel has been pushed back by four months, but watching reruns of the original series on ITV has been getting us through in the meantime.

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But have you ever wondered where exactly the series and first movie were shot? We've done some investigating and here is everything there is to know about the stunning filming locations on Downton Abbey...

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When is Downton Abbey set?

As a charming period drama with gorgeous costumes, we often wish we lived during the Downton Abbey era, but just when is the show set? Season one kicks things off in 1912, with the first episode revealing that the Titanic had just sunk, and the subsequent six seasons spanned over ten years, with the film being set in 1927, detailing the fictional trip of King George V and Queen Mary to Downton Abbey. 

Where is Downton Abbey set?

Highclere Castle

The most famous filming location for the show is Highclere Castle which is now recognised by fans around the world as the eponymous Downton Abbey. The Grade I-listed building is situated in the Hampshire countryside, which is around 70 miles outside London and is home to the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, whose family have lived there since 1679. 

Highclere Castle is the real-life Downton Abbey

Both exterior and interior shots were filmed on location at Highclere, with the great hall, dining room, library, music room, drawing room, salon and some of the bedrooms all regularly appearing on the show. However, the kitchen, servants' quarters and working areas were constructed and filmed at Ealing Studios. 

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Bampton, Oxfordshire

The quaint hamlet of Bampton with its cobbled streets and period buildings made it the perfect location to bring to life the fictional village of Downton. Several of Bampton's historic buildings, including the Old Rectory and Library, were regularly used while St Mary's Church was used as the backdrop for both Mary and Matthew's wedding and Lady Edith's jilting at the altar. 

Bampton is used for the village of Downton

Basildon Park

Basildon Park in Berkshire doubled as the Crawley's London residence, Grantham House. The Georgian mansion, which has also appeared in Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette and countless other costume dramas, provided the backdrop for the series five finale as the location of Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge's wedding. 

Basildon Park doubles as the Crawley's London home

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Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle, which some fans may recognise from the Harry Potter films, played a part in the series as the location of the 2014 and 2015 Christmas specials. In both, the Crawley family descend on the fictional Brancaster Castle to celebrate the holidays. Many of Alnwick's rooms, as well the castle's grounds and the nearby semi-ruined Hulne Abbey, can be spotted throughout the episodes.

Alnwick Castle also featured in the series

Beamish Museum

Downton Abbey location scouts made use of Beamish Museum, also known as The Living Museum of the North, in both the final episode of the drama and the first feature film. The open-air museum includes near-perfect recreations of North East England streets between the 1820s and 1950s and so was an ideal location to shoot!

Beamish Museum has also been featured on the show

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