Viewers are saying the same thing about Ted Lasso season two 

Ted Lasso is back on our screens - and we couldn’t be happier!

Ted Lasso season two finally landed back on our screens at the weekend, and saw the return of Richmond AFC and their adorable coach, Ted Lasso himself! So what have viewers been saying about the return of Apple TV+’s most popular series? Find out here…

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Taking to Twitter, viewers were full of praise for the season two premiere, which saw Ted struggling to help his best player Danny Rojas after a tragic accident during a penalty shoot-out. Speaking about the episode, one person wrote: “No need to cry. Ted is back! And he's bringing the feels already,” while another added: “The serotonin boost I get from this show is unmatched.” 

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However, there was one character who was most definitely the breakout star of the episode: Roy Kent. In the show, Roy goes for dinner with his girlfriend Keeley and Richmond’s owner Rebecca, who introduces them to the man she is dating - leading Roy to tell her that she shouldn’t “settle for fine”. 

Season two sees Roy coaching his niece's football team

Discussing the moment, one person wrote: “Roy Kent the Hype Man (and romance hero) is our EVERYTHING. #TedLasso's season premiere gave us one of the best quotes and we're never getting over it,” while another tweeted: “Going in with this Roy Kent energy for every conversation I have with friends who have partners who are just fine.” 

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A third person wrote: “Thanks to season two of #TedLasso I’m even more obsessed with the dream pairing of Roy Kent and Keeley. That is all.” Fans also loved finally seeing Roy hanging out with his yoga friends, with one writing: “An episode of #TedLasso but focused only on one night of roy kent gossiping the night away with his yoga buddies.” What did you think of the show’s return? 

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