Will there be a series three of Baptiste?

Find out what the future holds for the BBC drama...

The penultimate episode of BBC's Baptiste airs on Sunday and fans are no doubt eager to find out the truth behind the gripping case Julien Baptiste has been trying to crack in previous weeks.

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Series two of the crime drama, which sees Tchéky Karyo reprise his role as the beloved detective, explored a new case from the first series – but will the show be back for more episodes in the future? Find out the future of Baptiste here…

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Will there be a series three of Baptiste?

Unfortunately for fans, there are no plans to bring Baptiste back for a third season. The creators behind the drama, Jack and Harry Williams, also known for ITV's Liar, have revealed that, despite planning a trilogy, it's not on the cards.

"When we finished Baptiste series one, we had an idea for a trilogy and it was all great and very exciting," Harry told Metro.

"And then we thought about it and what we didn't ever want to do was somehow see him become another police officer... He's not just a detective. He doesn't just come in and find out some stuff and go home." He added: "I think we began to worry that it would become a formula. Do we suddenly make him just another cop?"

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Baptiste series two is the final outing for Julien Baptiste

What have the stars said about the future of Baptiste?

Tchéky Karyo, who has played the role of Julien Baptiste since his introduction in 2014's The Missing, which inspired the spin-off for Baptiste, has also opened up about the future of the detective.

In an exclusive interview for HELLO! Spotlight, the actor revealed that series two was his final outing. "Well, so far, it looks like no [series three]. But maybe there is still a skeleton in the closet but they are very quiet at the moment, the bones are not shaking, there's no noise. So it looks like it's the end."

Tchéky spoke to HELLO! ahead of series two

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The French actor also explained how he was pleasantly surprise by his character's popularity over the years. "I didn't know it would grow like that. But what I realise now, thinking back, is that the seeds of what he became were there already. It's true that we started with a shiny character growing bees and honey and who had a happy life with his wife.

"He had this little problem with the daughter that he was trying to solve, but the seeds of what he became were there already, [like] the fact that he was so obsessed with going on James Nesbitt's journey with him. So we already had some of what he became."

He continued: "But we didn't know [how much he would grow] and I guess with the recognition and the embrace the audience gave to him, they started to think, 'How are we going to continue with it?' And that was really great."

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