Baptiste series two ending explained

The BBC drama comes to its conclusion on Sunday

It's been a rollercoaster of a series but all good things must come to an end. The finale of Baptiste airs on Sunday after weeks of tense episodes and it's safe to say that there have been many twists and turns.

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Many avid fans of the crime drama, which stars Tchéky Karyo as the titular character, have already binged series two thanks to the entire boxset being made available on iPlayer last month. But if you've finished the show and are wanting an explaining of what happened at the end, here's our lowdown. Warning! Spoilers ahead…

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WATCH: Baptiste series two comes to its dramatic conclusion this weekend

Viewers will know that series two focused on the disappearance of Ambassador Emma Chambers' (played by Fiona Shaw) sons, Will and Alex, and the murder of her husband.

For the majority of the episodes, the diplomat and detective Baptiste knew that Emma's sons had been radicalised online by a far-right anti-immigration group, led by the elusive 'Gomorrah', following the death of their sister, Laura.

The ending of Baptiste subsequently revealed Gomorrah's true identity, and the arc was the main plot for episode six. It turned out that Andras Juszt, who viewers were introduced to in episode one, was the leader of the group all along. He had been hiding in plain sight, insisting he was not the mysterious leader, but instead a pawn in the battle to conceal the real culprit.

The pair came to learn of the news after finding Emma's son, Will, who revealed Andras' true identity – which no doubt came as a blow to Baptiste and Emma knowing that Andras had in fact been behind bars shortly before, only for him to escape multiple times.

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Did you guess Andras was Gomorrah?

After finding and confronting Andras, Will ends up being beaten almost to death – leaving Emma to tend to him to save the life of her last living family member. Meanwhile, Baptiste suffers stab wounds at the hands of Andras and his life flashes before his eyes.

Fortunately for fans, Julien pulls through. The detective reunites with Emma, before returning to Paris in the hopes of reconciling with his ex-wife, Celia. In less celebratory news, however, there's little chance of Julien's return for another instalment.

The creators behind the drama, Jack and Harry Williams, also known for ITV's Liar, have revealed that, despite planning a trilogy, it's not on the cards. Actor Tchéky also revealed to the HELLO! that it was the final chapter.

"Well, so far, it looks like no [series three]," he said, adding: "But maybe there is still a skeleton in the closet but they are very quiet at the moment, the bones are not shaking, there's no noise. So it looks like it's the end."

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