Hollington Drive: viewers point out major plot holes in new drama 

Rachael Stirling and Anna Maxwell Martin star in the new show 

Hollington Drive aired on Wednesday night - but it sounds like the first episode didn’t go down without a hitch. The series, which stars Rachael Stirling and Anna Maxwell Martin, follows two families whose lives are thrown into chaos after they suspect their children might have something to do with the disappearance of a local boy. 

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While plenty of people tuned in to watch the new drama, many took to social media to point out inconsistencies in the first episode. One person wrote: “How did the kids walk to the park and she’s had to get in the car to pick them up #hollingtondrive," while another added: “That park was… miles away!” Another fan questioned: “Why did they go to the park when they were in such a massive house with HUGE garden?” 

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Finally, another viewer posted: “This is one strange series, the kids ask to go to the park which seems like a drive away! Why would you let your kids go out on their own to a park that seems pretty far away seems like irresponsible parenting.” Some viewers were also confused about the gorgeous homes, with one quipping: “Who has a house like that and not have a dishwasher?” 

Did you enjoy the new drama?

Unfortunately, the series hasn’t gone off to the best start with viewers, who shared their views on Twitter. One person wrote: “I really want to like #HollingtonDrive because I really like Anna Maxwell Martin and Rachael Stirling but it’s not very good so far. 

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“Something just feels off with it… hoping it picks up and gets better as it goes on.” Another added: “Was so looking forward to this but so far it’s just constant anxiety & struggling to hear what any of them are saying!” However, it wasn’t all negative from viewers, as one person wrote: “#HollingtonDrive enjoyed this first episode, good cast. 

How far away was this park?!

“Can’t be so obvious as it seems? There must be a twist coming?” Another person wrote: “Well i liked #HollingtonDrive. Everything about it, the houses, the weird atmosphere even the scenery when they were driving round was unsettling.” What did you think of the new drama?

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