Exclusive: Chicago PD's Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger break down 'rough' episode 15

'Things have now been said that can't be unsaid,' says Marina

Chicago PD stars Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger saw their character's Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek's storyline come to a climax on Wednesday as they raced to find their adopted daughter Makayla who had been kidnapped and held for ransom by her mother.

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But the pair - who are not together romantically after ending their engagement several years ago - saw their differences highlighted when Adam fought for a different approach to the recovery, and Kim threw the words 'she's my daughter' at him; Kim adopted Makalya and named Adam as Makayla's guardian should anything happen to her.

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WATCH: Chicago PD: Burgess decides Ruzek will be Makayla's guardian

"That point where they come to a head - they feel like they are on the same page and then it just breaks - it is hard to talk about, it hurts me now," Patrick shared with HELLO! adding: "They got rough with each other."

Marina added: "Things have now been said that can't be unsaid. They have been in different places but this is dirty, and I don't know how they will come back."

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Kim and Adam have been living together throughout season nine as Kim recovered from her own kidnapping at the end of season eight, and learned to become a mother after adopting Makayla.

There was a short period of time when the two seemed to be able to relax and learn together about growing as a family - until Makayla's blood uncle arrived and demanded custody.

Kim and Adam went in two different directions during episode 15

"It sounds 'crazy actor' but we're sad to leave that happy place, it was so nice," said Marina. "I don't want to pat our own backs but we have chemistry on screen and it was nice to be there for two minutes."

"Just for a second, just let us live there!" laughed Patrick, to which Marina added: "It was a nice two episode arc. 'How's it going, want a coffee?'"

As the judge granted Kim the full adoption of Makayla at the end of episode 14, the pair kissed - and Marina admits she is not sure if fans will get any kind of resolution they may be looking for: "We have a lot of non-discussed kisses!"

Kim and Adam are one of the fandom's favorite couples, but their relationship is constantly setback by differences between them leading to a rollercoaster of emotions for the characters - and the actors.

'Things have now been said that can't be unsaid.'

Luckily, Patrick says, Marina is "one of my best friends so we communicate very well".

"Then beyond that it can be frustrating sometimes because I would like for things to calm down [for Kim and Adam] as much as I think the audience does," he continued.

"Here's what I like, we have the 'will they won't they?' We're like Ross and Rachel, or Moonlighting, and I feel like our fans for the most part are like, 'For God's sake just let them be happy!' I think we would be interesting being together too."

Episode 15 opened with the same scene that closed episode 14 - Kim and Adam finding their babysitter shot in the chest and Makayla missing.

Adam was named the custodian in Makayla's adoption

When HELLO! asks how they shoot a scene like this - is it one continuous take? - they revealed that because each episode has two different directors, they had to finish at 10pm on one day and then return to set the next morning and be right back in that scene emotionally and physically.

"It may have been good at the end of the day," said Patrick, "because the characters are so thrown off and I was thrown off."

"You have no choice, you just have to make it work!" added Marina.

'We're like Ross and Rachel' 

As for how the characters move forward now, Marina and Patrick both believe that Kim's PTSD from her own kidnapping - a character development which many, including Marina and Patrick felt was dropped by the writers - may reappear.

"In an ideal world the PTSD would have lasted longer but it just wasn't in the script and avalane. It's an ensemble piece," shared Marina. "But I have tried to [keep it up] and keep it honest. At least, you can see the reverberations of that between us, so it will be kept alive a little longer."

"And I will say, she plays it without playing it so it is available to the writers if they want to pepper it in, it's right there," added Patick. "I think they will, and they have to at some point - I hope so - so she has kept it in there whether they want her to or not."

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