Shining Girls: Apple TV+ drama’s ending explained 

How good was this Elisabeth Moss show?! 

Shining Girls was a huge hit for Apple TV+, but it’s fair to say that we have some questions about the show after the finale landed on Friday. Here’s what the ending of Kirby’s journey in the hit show was all about… 

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The drama follows Kirby, an newspaper archivist (most of the time) whose life was changed irrevocably when she was attacked and left for dead by Harper - a serial killer from the early 20st century who uses a house that mysteriously jumps through time to commit atrocities to the same women over and over again without any consequences. 

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In the opening moments of the episode, in a flashback, it is revealed the house comes into the ownership of whoever is first to step into it following the death of its current occupant, with a man from the 1800s discovering it after its original owner kills himself. This is why Harper is the only one who can control the time travel element - as he killed the current occupant after breaking in. 

Harper owned the time travel house

In the season finale, Kirby finally discovers the address of Harper’s house. After breaking in, she attacks and kills Harper using a hidden knife in her shoe - before the action returns to the post-WWI era before Harper discovers the house, where he is watching his old friend perform on stage. 

In the original version, his friend is pleased to see him and he shows her the house and gives her a night out in the future, before he eventually murders her after she rejects his advances. However, in this version, she is cold with him and seems to be aware of everything he is about to say, unnerving him. 

Kirby reconnects with Dan

He then goes to burgle the elderly woman who originally gave him the address to the house, but is surprised to discover a polaroid of himself at the scene that must have been taken moments before, mirroring the same thing he did while tormenting one of his victims, Julia - with the house’s address written on it.

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He goes to the address but upon entering he is shot by Kirby, who tells him that he doesn’t know her "today", hinting that she has done this to him many times before, adding: "Get out, or I’ll kill you. I’ve done it before." This also explains why his childhood friend knew everything he was about to say when he visited her at her show; Kirby had already travelled back in time to warn her that Harper would kill her. 

After racing out of the house, injured and confused, Harper is shocked to discover that he is no longer wearing his army uniform - and that his friend Leo has no memory of them ever serving together, leaving him bemused as - like with his victims - as his life is altered around him due to Kirby’s actions. 

His would-be victims are able to live their lives

The episode then looks at how time rights itself with Harper never taking ownership of the house, as his would-be victims go about their day-to-day lives. Meanwhile, Kirby reconnects with Dan, who is also back from the dead due to never actually meeting Harper. Although he can’t recall where from, he appears to recognise Kirby, with her telling him: "If you ever remember, you know where to find me." 

The episode finally concludes with Harper letting her dog Grendel into the house, where she now lives as the new owner of the time travel house. 

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