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Love Island 2022: what challenges are left in series?

Ready for more challenges?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Love Island is set to conclude in just under two week’s time, which means there are still plenty of time for some of our favourite challenges. So what do we still have to look forward to? Here are some of the fan favourite challenges that haven’t come up in the villa… yet!

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The Sidebar of Shame

In this challenge, islanders had to guess which newspaper headlines have been about them. The challenge hasn't been 2019, but certainly causes plenty of chaos with the islanders - as well as a lot of laughs! 

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Couple of Sorts

A challenge much more likely to return is 'Couple of Sorts', where islanders have to rank themselves as the top three as per viewers' votes in categories including 'sexiest couple' and 'most argumentative couple'. Since this one has been around for years, we think it might well be back for 2022!

Meet the parents

The big one! The Love Islanders welcome their parents to the villa and introduce them to their partner - and we honestly cannot wait to find out what some of the parents will say when they pop over to Spain this year! While we’d hoped to have some celebs paying a visit (Luca has been doing A LOT to meet Michael Owen), the retired footballer has already confirmed that he won’t be making the trip. Boo!

amber smiling

We can't wait to see the parents in the villa!

Lie detector challenge

Causing plenty of drama, the lie detector challenge sees islanders hooked up to the polygraph to answer questions about their partner - and it almost always turns into an argument. However, the test appeared to be disbanded back in 2018 - but who knows, it could make a comeback this year!

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Baby challenge

A divisive challenge loved and hated in equal measure, the baby challenge sees how the islanders will fare with a baby of their own, with the winner usually getting some sort of date. While most of the time this is a bit annoying and lasts far too long, we have to admit we’re excited to see Davide and Ekin-Su take on parental responsibilities together.

love island babies

Do you love or hate the baby challenge?

Complete the Tweet

Another challenge that viewers enjoyed, but were ultimately abandoned, the Complete the Tweet segment was ultimately shelved - probably because giving the islanders snippets of public conversation about them with no context was a little bit mean - and also led to all kinds of chaos in relationships - so we can’t imagine it’ll be back this year.

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