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Exclusive: Chicago Fire stars break down what comes next after heartbreaking season 11 premiere

Spoilers for Chicago Fire season 11 episode 1.

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Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca LewisReporterLos Angeles
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Chicago Fire fans were left heartbroken on Wednesday when Sylvie Brett made the emotional decision to end her long-distance relationship with Matt Casey.

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Former Captain Casey made the decision to leave Chicago to move to Oregon and help raise his late best friend's children, with him and Brett attempting to try long distance. But at the end of Wednesday's premiere episode, which had seen Brett share her frustrations with their lack of communication, viewers saw her on the phone ending the romance.

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Hanako Greensmith, who stars as Brett's paramedic colleague Violet Mikami spoke to HELLO! about that moment, sharing that "Brett, in a large and beautiful way, is stepping up for herself".

That decision will also affect Violet, with Hanako adding: "Brett doesn't need a man to be confident, and that is inspiring for Violet. She will be a great support system for Violet and that is a nice dynamic for us to see."

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As for what comes next for Brett, showrunner Derek Haas admitted that "Brett is going to face some major turmoil this season".

Elsewhere, season 11's premiere saw Violet and Chief Evan Hawkins rekindle their romance after Hawkins was moved to a new post, and it was firefighter Blake Gallo - Violet's ex - who shared the news with her.

chicagofire hawkami

Violet and Hawkins rekindled their romance

"There is a whole new context based on what they have been together, and what their future holds," shared Hanako.

"There is something potentially more serious and fulfilling now there is more honesty and more of a forthcoming nature to their relationship, and hopefully that will pay off."

Alberto Rosende revealed that Gallo may not have been "fully ready to move on but he knew it was the right thing to do - he didn't want to be pining over someone who isn't choosing him".

alberto rosende

Gallo is ready to look "outside" of Violet

"That is an important thing, that he could let go of it and be a good friend to her that people should see more of," Alberto said.

"It allows him to look outside for the first time in a while - and Gallo has a history of getting into situations and we may see more of this because of that newfound opportunity.

"He can be mature but in other ways there are some ways he has to learn. It is a cycle, and luckily he has friends like Ritter and Violet to keep him on track."

chicagofire ritter

Ritter will see more "personal growth moments"

For Ritter, viewers have seen him grow from a nervous rookie to a competent firefighter, but star Daniel Kyri has high hopes for the truck member in season 11.

"I do think there will be more of an emphasis in some instances and we will see personal growth moments," he shared.

"Now we will see him stand on his own at certain increments throughout this season, and I am excited to share that with fans."

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday 9/8c on NBC

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