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Exclusive: Chicago Med stars Nick Gehlfuss and Jessy Schram tease 'redirection of energies' in season 8

Chicago Med return 21 September

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Rebecca Lewis
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Chicago Med will pick up where season seven left off with Doctor Will Halstead trapped in his burning building with Doctor Guy Scott.

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Although fans know the pair will survive, Nick Gehlfuss has shared that Will will be "guilt-ridden" as the season continues.

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"This is his building and he doesn't know what has happened, and Hannah is suffering for it, and he is carrying a lot of guilt,' Nick told HELLO!

"We don't know what happened so [his focus is on] saving Hannah's life and figuring out what happened and building back up from it."

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Nick added: "Will had an idea to get finances in order, and I don't think it will work out for him. [It was a ] valiant effort but there is no saving this complex, and this is another notch on Will's scrubs. But he will have a whole new host of problems as he deals with supply chain shortages and it's in a way a redirection of energy."

For Doctor Hannah Asher, fans will see her continue to recover from substance abuse after being welcomed back to Gaffney Medical by Goodwin at the end of season seven.

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Asher and Halstead will focus heavily in the first half of season eight

Star Jessy Schram revealed that she was "surprised" to be asked to return but she believes there is an opportunity "to move Hannah forward in a way that made sense and not just as a relationship for Will but as a doctor and woman and [focus on] her struggles as well as relationships, old and new."

Hannah is an addict and will always be one, and Jessy shared that she is "honored" to be asked to portray such a sensitive topic, and that she learns a lot from the show's passionate fans.

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Jessy was 'honored' to return

"I learn a lot from fans who tell me how they have been affected by addiction in their own life, whether it be themselves or loved ones, people have grasped on and are rooting for her," said Jessy.

"Here is someone who does carry a stigma and we show her as a person beyond the addiction. It is a sensitive role and fans are the ones who have given me feedback about what they are rooting for, and I take that into account."

Chicago Med airs 8/7c on NBC on Wednesdays

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