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Exclusive: 9-1-1 star Oliver Stark answers fan questions on TikTok, reality shows and photography

Buck is one of the show's most beloved characters

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Rebecca Lewis
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9-1-1 is back and Oliver Stark's character - Evn 'Buck' Buckley is one of the show's most beloved. As Buck, he has been through the wringer but always comes out on the other side with a smile on his face.

But we thought it was time to ask the actor something a little less stressful than, 'Tell us about this week's trauma,' and so in the video below, Oliver answers fan questions about TikTok, reality shows, Buck's jeep and his recent passion for photography.

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WATCH: 9-1-1 star Oliver Stark answers fan questions

Does Buck from 911 have a TikTok?

We'll be honest - we first asked Oliver what would be on Buck's FYP and he had no idea what an FYP was. So we asked what videos Buck would share, and surprising no-one, Oliver agreed it would be workout videos and Buck attempting to break records for rolling up a hose and putting on his turnout gear.

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What car does Buck in 911 have?

Buck's jeep is its own character; he was gifted it as a late teenager from his sister Maddie when she chose not to leave town - and her abusive husband - with Buck and it has taken him all over the country.

buck=911 jeep

But if the jeep finally broke down for good and there were no other jeeps? There's only one car Oliver thinks Buck would get: "Unfortunately, it would be a Mustang."

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What reality show would Buck from 9-1-1 enter?

"Love Island," says Oliver immediately, and honestly, with Buck's lack of success when it comes to relationships, the Peacock show may be the best place for him… or maybe the British version.

Watch the video above for more questions and answers...

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