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Avoiding summer hair damage

Sunshine, chlorine, sea breezes... summer can play havoc with hair

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Each year, when summer comes round, some of the best things it brings – sunshine, trips to the pool and to the seaside – also have a downside: they can all be damaging to our skin and hair. The sun's ultraviolet rays dehydrate the hair, leaving it dull, dry, and brittle. Other external factors exacerbate the effect, so it's a good idea to lay off the dyes, perms, hair irons etc., which all have a drying effect. It's worth noting that the summer elements – sun, sand, chlorine, sea water...  – can sometimes make your hair feel thinner and lacking in body and volume. It's particularly important, therefore, to take special care of your hair in the summer months:


Before going to the beach:

  • Most of us are used to reaching for the sun cream when we're heading off the beach for the day, as we know the dangers of sunburn. It's important to realise that our hair is also at risk and that using a protective cream will help prevent ultraviolet rays drying the hair, making it more brittle and dry. You should use a hair sunscreen every time you go out, not simply when you plan to sunbathe.
  • It's also a good idea to have a trim before you go away on holiday. This will help keep your locks healthy and in good condition.

While at the beach:

  • Hats and caps can protect your face and shoulders from the sun and they also help protect hair.
  • After swimming, whether at the beach or the pool, rinse your hair with fresh water to remove traces of salt and chlorine, which, along with the sun are your hair's worst enemies.
  • Re-apply the protective cream after swimming.

Back at home:

  • Use a nourishing shampoo to moisturise your hair and help it recover its body and shine. A deep treatment product should be applied once a week.
  • Don't overuse dryers, hair irons or dyes, which are aggressions your hair has to deal with throughout the year.
  • Once your holidays are over and the summer has passed its height, have your hair trimmed again, ready for the autumn.

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