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7 tips to tame frizz hair in humid weather

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There's nothing like humidity to make for a bad hair, and the British weather can be particularly tough and wreak havoc on your tresses. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks you can follow to tame your hair and keep it frizz-free in the most humid of weather – scroll below to find out how…


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There are easy ways to fight the frizz

1. Make sure your hair is dry

If you step out of the door with hair that is still damp, it becomes less resistant to humidity – which could immediately undo any styling you did before heading out.

2. Switch up your hairbrush

If you struggle with frizz frequently, you may want to invest in a brush with natural bristles – these are smoother than plastic ones making them more gentle on your tresses, keeping them as healthy as ever.

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Try anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner

3. Point your hairdryer downwards

If you're using a hairdryer on your tresses, point it downwards towards the ends of your tresses, as this will help to lay the cuticles flat. Finish with a blast of cool air to seal in the cuticle and help minimise any risk of flyaways. It might be worth investing in an ionic hairdryer – these can work wonders on hair that's frizz-prone.

4. Change your haircare routine

One easy way to nip frizz in the bud is to start your routine the moment you wash your hair. Opt for smoothing or anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners to hydrate your hair so that when you step outside, it doesn't soak up excess humidity from the air.

5. Experiment with new styles

Braids are a major trend this season and can make for a simple yet effective way to tame any unruly tresses. Try a fishtail plait or a halo braid – if you're suffering from flyaways you can opt for a slightly undone finish for a boho chic vibe.

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Try a hairbrush with natural bristles


6. Don't rub your hair dry

If you roughly dry your hair with a towel, you could be ruffling the cuticles and creating frizz. Instead, gently squeeze the water out with an absorbent towel – and if you want to lock in moisture, try a serum.

7. Try a hair mask

Just like your complexion, hair needs to be pampered to help it recover from the effects of the weather and styling. Once a week try applying a smoothing hair mask to give your locks a boost of hydration and keep them looking as healthy as ever.

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