Love Island's Eyal Booker straightens his hair for a major fashion shoot - see the pics!

Eyal, is that you?

Eyal Booker was known for his spiritual vibes on this year's Love Island, but he was also well known for his curly mop of hair. His gorgeous corkscrew mane was reminiscent of a 90s boy-band member and girls swooned over his pretty model looks. The 22-year-old has recently done a fashion shoot with Fashion Beans, and underwent a major transformation. Forget the jeans and T-Shirt, Eyal was styled in sharp looking suits, loafers, and geek chic glasses. In conclusion: A guy you'd walk past in the street and assume he worked for an investment bank and earned a tonne of cash.

Eyal waiting for his business partner to arrive

Eyal's curls in the villa made Megan swoon

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But it wasn't just the styling! Eyal's hair got a major new look, too. The hairstylist took his curly locks and straightened them - and honestly, we almost didn't recognise him. When asked if he likes his new look, he said: "It's a cool change to have straight hair for the day, so thanks to the team at Aveda. It's the perfect fit for the vibe of the shoot."

Pink, to make the girls wink

Will he be trying out the look again? Probably not. He said: "I do think I'll be sticking with the signature curls on a daily basis though - they are a lot quicker to style in the morning!"

Eyal knows his angles

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On the subject of his delightful head of hair, Eyal revealed his curls are all natural. "I suppose it's good genes: thanks to my mum and dad," he said. "I try not to wash it too often though - only when it needs it and I use minimal product because people like to touch curly hair and nobody wants a handful of product." How considerate.

Cheer up hun, you'll get your curls back

It's obvious to see, but Eyal makes one hell of a model. When asked to dish out the tips on how to look good in a photograph, he advised: "Learn which angle works best for you, whether that's straight on or to one side and lean into the shot slightly, keeping your chin down rather than lifting your head to the camera."

We know what we're going to be practicing this week…

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