Holly Willoughby sets the record straight about her hair - does she really use store-bought hair-dye?

People doubted the ITV star…

Leanne Bayley

Holly Willoughby has taken to Instagram to tell her followers the truth about her hair colour. Wearing a cute yellow J.Crew T-shirt, the blonde beauty spoke to camera to tell her fans whether she REALLY uses £5.79 hair-dye from the shops, rather than a salon colourist.

Talking directly to camera, Holly said: "So, probably my most asked question on social media is, do I actually dye my own hair using Garnier Nutrisse Blonde? And the answer is YES.

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"I mean, I can't believe it comes as that much of a surprise to people. Although saying that, I can, in a way, because when I first started using it, and Garnier approached me to be their brand ambassador, I thought 'I'd love to, I use loads of your other products but I'm not sure you're going to get me to the right blonde. I'm not sure you can get me MY blonde - the Holly Blonde.

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"And it did and I was completely surprised. So the answer to that is yes I do and you should try it because it leaves your hair really soft and shiny, and the blonde that you wanna be."


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Sticking to Instagram's strict rules, Holly declared the video as a paid advertisement with Garnier, but regardless, followers appreciated her taking the time to explain, and being honest.

One impressed fan wrote: "Nice to see someone that actually uses the product that they promote."

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Holly captioned the video telling people her particular shade of Garnier Nutrisse - 10.01, in case you care. This is called 'Baby Blonde' and lasts for up to eight weeks.

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