Hair and beauty secrets behind three of Team GB's most glamorous sportswomen

They are all hoping for a place on the podium, but how will Britain's Olympians ensure they look their personal best from start to finish?

We asked three of Team GB's more glamorous and talented sportswomen to share their medal-winning hair and beauty secrets.

Victoria Victoria Pendleton – Cyclist

Victoria, how important is it for you to look good before a race?

That’s always been very important – I even like to have painted nails when I ride. I like the saying, ‘Look good, feel good, go good.’ I definitely think it helps you to feel more confident; it puts a real spring in your step.

What particular challenges does your sport present for your looks?

Frizzy hair after training. Wearing a helmet and training outdoors means my hair is affected by heat and humidity in summer and cold winds and rain in winter, so I need a haircare regime that helps fight frizz. What my hair needs most is moisture to keep it smooth and sleek, so I leave in a hydrating, smoothing Pantene conditioner after washing – which I do most days.

Do you have a favourite style?

I often wear my hair in a high ponytail in the daytime if I’m not training or competing, but I love wearing it down in the evening or for events, ideally with some smooth waves.

Have you ever had any hairdo disasters?

My worst hairstyle was when I had it cropped at 13 and got mistaken for a boy. Since about 18, I’ve experimented by colouring my hair anything from blue and blonde to cherry cola.

Who gives you hair envy?

Liv Tyler. I think she has beautiful hair.

What’s your earliest beauty memory?

My older sister practising hair and make-up on me when I was about 10. I loved it.

Who is your beauty heroine?

Helena Christensen for all-round beauty.

You’re very speedy on the track – what about when it comes to getting ready?

It varies – sometimes it’s a quick change after a shoot, then make-up in the taxi. I’m adaptable.

How do you unwind after a race?

By taking my dogs for a walk, or going out for a relaxing dinner with my fiancé.

Keri-Anne Payne - Swimmer

Keri-Anne, there’s less than a month to go until London 2012 – how are you feeling?

It’s all very exciting. I can’t believe that I’ll get to participate in the Olympic games when they’re in the UK.

What does a typical day’s training involve?

Most mornings I’m in the pool from 6 to 8am, then it’s a cardio session in the gym for an hour. I go home for lunch before another two-hour pool session from 4pm. I get Wednesday and Saturday afternoons off, and Sunday I’m totally off duty.

All that pool time must play havoc with your skin. How do you keep it looking so great?

A good moisturiser is a must, and for me that’s Olay Total Effects. I use the Day Moisturiser as it’s creamy and feels great. I use a body moisturiser every time I get out of the pool. Finally, a touch of blusher works wonders – I put on a dab of Max Factor Creamy Blush in Soft Pink and my skin looks instantly healthier.

How would you describe your make-up style?

Most days it’s au naturel, with a slick of Max Factor mascara if I’m competing. For nights out, I like to create a smoky eye with eye-liner and volumising mascara. And I always go for lip gloss.

What are your current beauty favourites?

I love dark nail polishes and right now my favourite is Dior’s Blue Label. I have to keep my nails short to avoid scratching other swimmers in the pool, but I like to paint my fingers and toes. And I don’t feel right without my mascara. Max Factor False Lash Effect Gold is my absolute fave.

Who is your beauty heroine?

It has to be Angelina Jolie. She’s a natural beauty and I’m envious of her gorgeous full lips.

What one piece of advice would you give to girls looking to become professional athletes?

You must enjoy it; if you don’t, you’ll never reach your full potential.

What do you like to do on non-training days?

I like hanging out with friends and going to the cinema. It’s been fun spending time with my baby niece. And I love to bake – when you’re constantly training you can eat a lot!

Jessica Ennis – Heptathlete

Jessica, you have a busy training schedule and often travel – have you adapted your skin care?

Yes – I need a routine that’s fuss free and really effective, so I use multi-purpose products that are easy to travel with. I love things like the Olay Daily Facial Cloths, which foam up under water and remove everything, even eye make-up.

What other skincare challenges do you face?

Because I’m outdoors so much, in the morning I prep my skin for the day ahead with a really good moisturiser with SPF to protect against sun damage.



What else do you look for in skincare products?

As I get so sweaty in training, I look for cleansers and moisturisers that aren’t too heavy. Right now, I love the new Olay Essentials SPF30 Day Lotion – it’s light, so it doesn’t clog up my pores.

It has paid off – your skin looks radiant…

Drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep and eating well all really help too.

Do you like to look good before a race?

It is important to me – I always ensure my skin is clean and moisturised and never leave the house without mascara and eyeliner on. If I feel I look good, it makes me more confident, both on and off the track. I love getting dressed up for red carpet events and having my hair and make-up done – that definitely helps with the nerves.

Who is your beauty heroine?

Jennifer Aniston; I think she is so gorgeous and natural. She just glows all the time.

Your training is intense – how do you unwind?

I love to have a long, hot soak in the bath, then veg out on the sofa with a box set of DVDs.