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Olympic champion Joanna Rowsell reveals top 5 cycling tips

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Olympic champion Joanna Rowsell has won gold medals as part of the Great British Cycling team, competing both on track and road. A sport that improves fitness levels and helps with weight loss, it's no wonder that cycling is a favourite amongst celebrities from Elle Macpherson, to Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lopez.Joanna, who is also ambassador for sports brand Spatone, shared her top tips with HELLO! Online for those wanting to take up cycling, and revealed some of the biggest benefits of the sport. Scroll below to see Joanna's top 5 cycling tips...

Joanna Rowsell
Go for long rides...

If you’re looking to build your endurance you should ideally try and do a long ride every week. I’d recommend anything from one hour upwards depending on your fitness levels and gradually increase your distance over time.

Get the right bike...

Make sure you go to a specialist bike shop as they will be able to help you find a bike to suit your needs and budget. Everyone has different leg, arm and torso lengths, so make sure that your saddle height and handlebar reach is correct for you.

Invest in the right equipment...

A cycling helmet is something I never leave the house without - make sure it’s the right size and fits snug. Other important items are bike lights and reflective clothing which will help other vehicles see you on the road. I would also recommend wearing sunglasses which will keep dust, sweat and sunlight out of your eyes.

Cool down properly...

After doing exercise a cool down is very important. I try and cool down by spinning my legs for at least five minutes and then completing a good stretching routine. When my legs feel tired and heavy after a workout I also massage Nelsons arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel into my limbs to help revive them.

Cycling Split
Celebrity fans include Elle Macpherson and Keira Knightley
Fuel properly...

I eat a big bowl of porridge with blueberries and honey to fuel myself before a bike ride. I also take a sachet of Spatone Sport, a liquid iron food supplement, every morning to maintain energy levels and oxygen efficiency. The added vitamin C in Spatone Sport can also increase iron absorption – so it’s great if you are stepping up your exercise regime.

Spatone Sports pack has 14 one-a-day sachets which can easily be popped into your pocket or gym bag. Spatone Sports pack - £6.25 for 14 sachets. For more info visit Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cooling Gel is priced at £5.15 for 30g and is available from Boots, Holland and Barrett, pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. Visit more information.

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