Chris Martin reveals how the 6:1 diet has improved his health

Chris Martin has revealed that making one change to his eating habits caused significant improvement to his health and wellbeing. The Coldplay singer admitted this week that he has been following the 6:1 diet – which involves fasting for one day a week – and has felt a series of benefits in both mind and body.


Chris Martin revealed he's following the 6:1 diet

"Creativity is one of the benefits of it," he said during an interview with a US radio station, before explaining what prompted him to try the diet.

"I started doing it because I was sick one time, and this guy said to me, 'Try not eating for a day, it will make your body feel healthier,'" he confessed. "And actually I did it and I found I could sing a bit better, and also I felt so grateful for food… and very grateful for everything in a way that I wasn't so much before."

The singer, who has two children with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, added that he was left with a "joyous feeling" that he feels has also improved his skills as a musician.

"I think that the feeling of gratitude naturally brings out a joyous feeling, and when you are hungry you are very focused, so both sides of it help creativity," he said.

The Coldplay singer admitted that the change in his diet habits has helped his creativity

Although the 6:1 diet calls for six days of healthy eating and one of fasting, Chris admitted he doesn't always stick to wholesome foods.

"You are supposed to go for something healthy like a kale salad, but I tend to have Nutella and pancakes," he told The Sun. "Which is terrible and completely defeats the point, but I am doing the first bit."

No doubt Chris is gearing up for yet another major milestone moment in his career, with Coldplay set to perform at the Super Bowl half-time show in February, where they will be joined by Beyoncé who will also be taking to the stage.

"This is the greatest moment in our band's life," Chris said in a video statement. "We are going to give it everything we have."

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