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Exclusive: Kirsty Gallacher shares her secret to staying in shape

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There's no denying that Kirsty Gallacher is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sport. Not only does she present Sky Sports News, but the 40-year-old star also turns heads with her enviable figure and impressive fitness routine. Now, as the face of Currys PC World's Ultimate Home of Football tour, Kirsty has revealed how she finds the time to stay in shape amidst her hectic schedule.


kirsty galalcher© Photo: Getty Images

Kirsty Gallacher shared her fitness secrets exclusively with HELLO! Online

"If I'm doing the school run that morning I'm straight into the gym and work out," she told HELLO! Online exclusively. "I always train in the morning, never in the evening really. I just feel good after it, it's sort of built in. I don't really think about it, it's just something I put in my diary, I'm doing it and that's it."

The Scottish beauty admitted that she finds exercise helps her to focus on her busy work commitments. "It's important to train, it's not just about your body it's about your brain as well," she said. "It makes me better at my job. You feel much more on it – I feel so much more on it when I'm training and keeping myself active, I can respond and be more reactive in my job and with it really."

kirsty gallacher© Photo: Getty Images

The TV presenter is fronting Currys PC World's Ultimate Home of Football tour

Training at least three times a week, Kirsty admitted that she prefers to work with a personal trainer to stay motivated. "Well I basically train with Josh Salzmann, my personal trainer. Basically, I like to work out with somebody that can really push me," she confessed. "I would train but I just always feel like I need to be challenged, I'm a bit of one of those, I'm quite competitive when it comes to sport. I've always wanted to be pushed and challenged so it's great to work out with somebody like Josh who is very experienced."

Currently training for a particularly gruelling challenge – a Half Iron Man competition – Kirsty revealed that she focuses on "a lot of resistance and weight work" during her routine.

"I get a lot of my cardio workouts from weights and resistance training," she revealed. "Not necessarily – not plodding away on a treadmill. I sit on the bike and warm-up for a bit, but then it's lots of press-ups, squats, lots of things really. We really like to work all of the muscle groups as much as possible and just, that's how we train."

kirsty© Photo: Getty Images

The mother-of-two revealed that she trains at least three times a week

The mother-of-two admitted that she does try and make sure she gives her body time to rest and relax in between her workouts, so as to not to overdo it with her busy schedule.

"Well, I'll tell you, to be quite honest with you, one of the best things is – especially if you train to a reasonable level – you've got to be really careful actually," she explained, later adding: "I'm a working, single working mum – I'm on my own with two kids, I work a lot and I train a lot and do other stuff as well."

Kirsty revealed that it was Josh who gave her a vital piece of fitness advice that she has since always followed.

"He's always saying, 'You know Kirsty, you have to rest, you have to eat well, you have to rest well,'" she said. "If you don't rest and eat, there's no point in training."

kirsty© Photo: Getty Images

Kirsty competed in Strictly Come Dancing in 2015

She added: "It's really good because there was a point where I was just doing myself in, really. I was doing Strictly, I would train a little bit with Josh, not very much because I didn't have the time, and just was exhausted."

With the Euro 2016 competition set to kick off, as well as major sporting events including the Olympics taking place later this year, Kirsty revealed that she will be watching some of the matches from the comfort of her own home, with her sons Oscar and Jude.

"I prefer watching sport live and I do watch a lot of sport, it's on in the house all of the time. My two boys are huge football fans, rugby fans, golf, tennis, they love everything, Rugby League," she said. "Also, research wise I need to be watching stuff so it just depends where I am, what access I have to things.

"There's nothing better than watching something live on a big screen, is there? Obviously, that's what we're doing with this campaign, it's really just the comfort of, you know, your own home or the Ultimate Home of Football, which is hilarious. You want to feel like you're almost there, there at the game."

Kirsty Gallacher is supporting Currys PC World Ultimate Home of Football tour this summer. If you want to experience all the footy action in the latest 4K TV and Audio tech and fancy watching England vs Slovakia on-board with Kirsty in London, visit

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