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Paula Radcliffe shares her winter running and marathon training tips

The marathon runner shared her motivational secrets

Paula Radcliffe SPOTY 2016
Chloe Best
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With dark, cold and often wet mornings and evenings it can be hard to stay motivated to keep running throughout winter. But help is at hand from Paula Radcliffe, who has shared her own training tips and secrets for staying motivated on the days when you'd rather just stay at home.

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"I actually really like running in the dark!" Paula told HELLO! Online. "It's the weather that makes it harder. Treat yourself to proper running gear including waterproofs and decent reflective clothing. Spice it up and change your route so you don't get bored, or run with other people, either friends or join a running club. And reward yourself, and celebrate the small things after your runs."

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Paula Radcliffe has shared her winter running tips

The marathon world record holder also shared her tips for anyone training for the London Marathon or any other spring races over the next few months. "I'd use a progressive plan, increasing your distance each week and working up to about 22 or 23 miles just before the marathon," Paula advised.

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"Invest in some decent running shoes, and go to a proper running shop so they can watch you run and tell you what type of shoe you need. I always make sure I get vaccinated against flu to help prevent any setbacks it can cause during my winter training."

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Paula has also shared her marathon training tips for beginners

Paula is working with Sanofi Pasteur to encourage people in at-risk groups to get the flu vaccination this winter to avoid suffering potential complications from the illness - something she experienced throughout her running career due to her asthma. "In 1993, I was still at University and desperately trying to get a manager. I caught the flu and had to miss the trials for the National Cross-Country Championships where I was hoping to be scouted, as I knew I wouldn't be able to finish the race and I couldn't risk my health," the athlete said.

"Another time I was training up in the mountains in Albuquerque in New Mexico when I developed flu, it was quite scary - I was rushed to a medical clinic and put on a nebuliser."

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