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The detox drink Victoria Beckham swears by (and it gives her radiant skin!)

Tocos has been called the next big thing by wellness gurus…

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Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
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What did we ever do before watching Victoria Beckham's Instagram stories? How did we cope without knowing her skincare saviours, or seeing the cute moments with her kids? And don't get us starting on all the getting ready photos we might have missed. On Tuesday morning the 45-year-old former Spice Girl has taken to her Stories to share with her 25.1 million followers an insight into the "gentle detox" she swears by.

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Introducing: Jasmine Tocos. Victoria filmed herself mixing up a little drink of the stuff, and captioned it: "This actually tastes quite nice! Good for… radiant skin, gentle detox and muscle tone." She added a muscle emoji for good measure. The 100 per cent organic product is the water and fat soluble portions of Thai Jasmine Rice Bran, and when mixed with water, you're to consume 1-2 teaspoons with a liquid of your choice. The website recommends that you enjoy as a “creamer” in teas, tonics, shakes, raw desserts, smoothies, or on its own, by the spoonful.

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Cultivated in Thailand but processed in the US, Jasmine Tocos is said to support radiant skin, it can promote healthy skin and connective tissues, and can facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. It also, as Victoria says, supports muscle tone.

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Tocos is short for tocotrienols and it's a fat-soluble relative of Vitamin E that's commonly found in certain oils, rice, wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Scott Linde, owner and founder of Sun Potion, told Healthyish that he first heard about tocotrienols as a nutraceutical for burn victims - something that would speed up the healing process and restore elasticity to the skin. "When I was a kid, my mom used to pop open vitamin E capsules and apply it to my scars," he remembers.

If you're thinking of following in VB's footsteps, 400 grams of Jasmine Tocos will cost approximately £33.

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