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Exclusive: Dancing on Ice star Caprice opens up about one-stone weight loss

The model is taking part in the next series of Dancing on Ice

In an exclusive photoshoot and interview with HELLO! magazine, Caprice Bourret has revealed that training for the new series of Dancing on Ice has seen her lose a stone in six weeks. "My body has gone back to how it was in my late 20s," the California-born businesswoman, actress and mother of two tells HELLO! exclusively.

"I feel great about myself again. After giving birth six years ago I gained an extra 10lb, which I couldn’t lose. My body was full of cellulite and there was lots of flab going on. I let myself go. But then I’m suddenly working out like I’ve never worked out in my entire life," adds Caprice, whose six-year-old boys Jett and Jax joined their mum for the exclusive photoshoot.

caprice hello exclusive interview

Caprice has lost&;a stone in six weeks

Exclusive: Caprice Bourret reveals she had surgery for a brain tumour

The 48-year-old also explains how she is unfazed by her latest hair-raising challenge. The star underwent brain surgery to remove a benign tumour in 2017 – which was discovered after she started suffering from excruciating headaches while competing in the reality winter sports show The Jump.

"There are far more terrifying manoeuvres to contend with," she says of how Dancing on Ice compares with The Jump. "The routines that include lifts, for example, are quite nerve-racking but I’m not afraid of them. The only time I’ve been truly terrified was when I tried the skeleton in The Jump."

Full of icy determination and can-do confidence, Caprice has her eye on the coveted trophy. "I’m in it to win it," she tells HELLO!, adding: "It’ll be tough but I have that go-for-it attitude. Although I’ve pulled a tendon in my foot and my whole body is covered in hundreds of bruises, I have just accepted that I’m going to fall – and now I have the no-fear factor." She continued: "I love it so much that not only do I want to win but I also want to carry on skating. I’m highly competitive, a trait my two boys seem to have inherited from me. I want to win for them."

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