Eamonn Holmes reveals secret health battle during lockdown

The This Morning star has been suffering in silence

Eamonn Holmes revealed he has been battling a secret health issue during his time in lockdown. The This Morning star has been suffering in silence and admitted he's "not a well man" during an Instagram Live session on Saturday night. Eamonn confessed that he has been plagued by chronic toothache, which has flared up since he has been in isolation, and due to lockdown rules he has been unable to visit a dentist.

Explaining that he first encountered the issue in January, Eamonn said: "I'm not a well man. I had a bit of a toothache in January and I went to the dentist. He said, 'well that’s very strange because that tooth hasn’t got a nerve in it'. So he took an X-ray and said, 'there must be some remnant, take some antibiotics but there's a danger it could need a lot of work done, maybe an extraction.' So I thought, 'forget that, I've too much to do can't take time off work.'"

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Eamonn Holmes has been battling chronic toothache

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He continued: "Now I've got time off and a lot of time on my hands, my goodness my toothache has decided to come back. If I eat, press down on it, if I drink something hot or cold, if I talk or just breathe it hurts! So I'm on antibiotics at the moment but the dentists won't appear again until maybe July."

However, after consulting his dentist on the phone, Eamonn revealed his fears about having his tooth removed may be inevitable, and could even lead to him needing dentures. He added: "I spoke to the dentist on the phone and he said it may involve an extraction. Now at my age I don’t want to be in that situation where your cheeks go hollow and sallow, and you end up with that old man look. Maybe it's leading to dentures. I don’t want my tooth coming out but anyway, that's what's around the bend for me."

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