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7 ways to get rid of a tickly throat and cough fast

See the causes and remedies...

tickly throat cough
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyWeddings Editor
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Coughs and colds can affect you all year long, but they are particularly prominent in winter. We all know the feeling of sitting in a very important meeting or silent room and feeling the immense urge to cough, right?

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Not only does a tickly throat and cough make you feel under the weather, but it is also very inconvenient when you're trying to chat to friends, family and even work colleagues. 

Getting rid of a cough

How can you get rid of the symptoms quickly? First, it's important to identify the cause as this could change how you try to treat it. 

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From getting lots of rest to gargling salt water, there are several tips that are meant to help speed up your recovery. We take a look…

What causes a tickly throat and how long does it last?

A constant tickle in the throat can cause a dry or tickly cough (one that doesn't produce mucus) and is often the result of irritants such as dust or smoke, according to the NHS website

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There are many reasons you may experience a tickle in your throat, including asthma, allergies, sinusitis and a sore throat.

herbal tea rest

Drinking clear fluids and getting rest are recommended to help get rid of a tickly throat

Tickly throats and coughs tend to clear up by themselves, but if symptoms continue for over three weeks or get worse, it's important to speak to a doctor. 

How to get rid of a tickly throat and cough

1. Gargle with salt water – it may not sound pleasant but it does help! Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to warm water and gargle at the back of your throat before spitting it out. 

2. Try cough drops – pick a strong flavoured cough drop to not only ease the pain but also help stimulate saliva production.

3. Drink lots of clear fluids and herbal teas – swap coffee for hot water, peppermint tea and other clear fluids that will help keep your body hydrated.

steam inhalation cough

Inhaling steam is also known to help symptoms

4. Lemon and honey are life-savers – there's a reason lots of cold, cough and flu medicines are lemon and honey flavour! "Hot lemon with honey has a similar effect to cough medicines," the NHS states.

5. Rest – as with any illness, it's important to slow down and let your body recover. A good nights sleep is what the doctor orders!

6. Breathe in steam – hot baths and showers that produce steam can help soothe airways, or simply cover a bowl of boiling water with a tea towel and breathe in the steam. 

7. Avoid triggers – if you're aware of certain allergies or triggers such as pollen or dust, then limiting your exposure can help get rid of your symptoms.

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