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21 best hot water bottles to keep you warm and cosy while you're shivering in the pub garden

Traditional, microwave & rechargeable electric hot water bottles for you, your kids and even your pet!

Karen Silas

With lockdown restrictions eased, meeting up outdoors has become the norm – and whether you're dining al fresco with a picnic at the park or seeing pals in a pub garden, you'll be needing to stay warm. Who knew the trusty classic hot water bottle would even come in MORE handy than ever?

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Water bottles can come covered with soft knits, fleece, faux fur, cashmere or velvet, cheap or luxury, super lush or pared down and practical. But which is the best hot water bottle to suit your needs?

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While they're a must-have these days – some local pubs are even starting to offer hot water bottles for outdoor guests –  of course hot water bottles have long been a useful home remedy tool and great for everything from soothing achy muscles to keeping you toasty in bed at night.

best mini hot water bottles

Measuring about 6in, Amazon's 4.5-star mini hot water bottles are small enough to fit into your bag

Mini hot water bottles, set of 2, was £17.99 now £11.49Amazon


What is a hot water bottle and why should you invest?

Hot water bottles, which have been around since the 1500s, are traditionally filled with hot water and closed with a stopper that you can then use to warm yourself up with, whether tucking it under your blanket, cuddling up to it on the sofa or in bed, or even wearing it when you go out for some extra warmth. Hot water bottles are the original heat therapy – they help improve circulation, and can also be used for targeted heat to soothe pain from menstrual cramps to muscle aches and tension.

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Best hot water bottles oliver bonas

Water bottles can come covered with soft knits, fleece, faux fur or even velvet

Soft Touch Turtle Hot Water Bottle, £24, Oliver Bonas


Do hot water bottles work for stress relief? 

Yes, heat reduces stress and tension throughout the body due to the fact that it increases the blood circulation and keeps the muscles functioning properly, providing more oxygen and nutrients. What's more, a hug releases oxytocin, the happy hormone.

amazon top rated best hot water bottle

This top-rated large hot water bottle on Amazon comes in six different stylish colours

Samply Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover, was £9.99 now £7.99 , Amazon


While rubber hot water bottles were all the rage starting in the 19th century, modern life means we’ve upped our game and you can now get hot water bottles with cosy knit or faux fur covers, and you no longer need to necessarily fill the bottles with water these days! If convenience is key, you will want to opt for a quick heating microwave hot water bottle, or a plug-in electric style, both of which will usually stay warm for at least four hours.

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sara miller velvet hot water bottle

Sara Miller hot water bottle, £25, John Lewis


Microwave, traditional or electric hot water bottle – which is best? 

The best hot water bottle for you really depends on what your needs and priorities are, whether it is simplicity, convenience or even stylishness.

Traditional rubber or PVC hot water bottles are the classic old school home remedy and can also be used with cold water for cold therapy or during the summer. Filled with hot (not boiling) water, they don’t require electricity in either the form of a microwave or an electrical outlet, which is a plus if energy efficiency is a priority for you.

country club hot water bottle faux fur 2

We admit it - we can't resist a faux fur water bottle with pom poms

Country Club large hot water bottle with faux fur cover, £8.72, Amazon



A microwave hot water bottle heats up quickly thanks to an interior thermal pack. Generally, you just pop it into the microwave for a 60 seconds, which means it is a nearly instant fix if you need warmth immediately.

best microwave hot water bottle

This microwavable hot water bottle heats up in the microwave a few minutes, then stays cosy for hours

Hotties Microwave Hot Water Bottle in Quilted Royal Stewart Tartan, £15.99, Amazon



With an electric hot water bottle you literally just plug it in! Which means that if you're in your bedroom or living room and need some warmth, there's no need to head to the kitchen to fill up a traditional water bottle or pop it into the microwave. You can also get a rechargeable electric hot water bottle, which charges for a few minutes then last for hours.

powatron electric rechargeable best hot water bottle

eBay’s top-selling electric water bottle is very easy to use – plug it in and charge it up for 8-12 minutes for four to six hours of warmth

Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle, £19.95, eBay


Microwave and electric hot water bottles don't have stoppers so that eliminates the risk of water leaks or spills.

When it comes to style, electric and microwave hot water bottles can be found in a host of looks, whether knit, fleece or faux fur. But don’t worry if you prefer a traditional rubber water bottle - you can buy covers for your hot water bottle separately and switch it up according to your mood.

best small hot water bottle leopard print

Show your playful side with this 'Leopard Love' hot water bottle from ASOS

Sass & Belle 1L hot water bottle, was £18 now £12, ASOS


Now that you know the difference between traditional, microwave and electric hot water bottles, here are our picks of the best, whatever your needs. 


Best traditional hot water bottle to keep it simple


best traditional hot water bottle etsy

Felted Merino Lambswool Hot-water bottle, £38, Etsy


This may be a traditional hot water bottle – there's a standard size 2L BSS rubber hot water bottle included – but the design, with a stylish handmade wool cover in fun stripes, certainly sets it apart! This lambswool water bottle from UK Etsy seller Weewoolliesuk has earned a five-star rating and there are more than 10 other colour motifs to choose from


Best velvet hot water bottles for cosy comfort

best velvet hot water bottles 2

Not Just Pajama Velvet Hot Water Bottle, four colours available, £99, Wolf & Badger


This velvet hot water bottle cover from indie brand Not Just Pajama has a light lavender scent and comes with a 1L rubber water bottle.


luxury velvet hot water bottle

Holistic Silk Velvet Hot Water Bottle in gold, more colours available, £98, Amara


You'll get a good night's sleep with this large gold silk velvet 2L hot water bottle that is actually scented thanks to a removable lavender satchet.


Best luxury and designer hot water bottles to keep it chic

burberry hot water bottle

Burberry cashmere hot water bottle, was £355 Now £284, Farfetch


Luxury brand Burberry is behind this 100% cashmere water bottle that definitely makes a fashion statement.



Evelyne Prélonge Himalaya Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle in blush, £100, Amara


If Emily in Paris had a water bottle to keep her cosy in her tiny flat, we think this would be it. This French-made warmer is super glam – oh là là!


Best eco-friendly heatbag



Heatbag, £51, Ostrichpillow


If you're looking for a huggable companion that doesn't waste water, or risk burn injuries, this Heatbag is so much more than a heating bag. Warm it up in the microwave and it becomes the perfect hugging partner, or freeze it for pain relief. What's more, it's made of recycled foam and a soft jersey fabric. The inner core is made out of clay and it stays warm or cold for longer. 


Best small hot water bottle


best small hot water bottle

Fashy Hot Water Bottle, £6.44, Amazon


Small hot water bottles can be tucked into your bag or suitcase, so are great for travel and their small size also makes them an excellent option for children. This .8 litre bottle in a cute penguin shape has a five-star rating on Amazon.


Best long hot water bottles

best long hot water bottle amazon

CozyPlush Long Hot Water Bottle, from £12, Amazon


Available in 13 different colours, this long hot water bottle has a very impressive 4.9-star rating on Amazon.


best long water bottle felt trouva

Chalk UK Henry long hot water bottle, £34, Trouva


The YuYu fillable hot water bottle has an extendable strap so you can comfortably wear it, the heat lasts for up to six hours. In the summer it can be used as a cold compress.


best hot water bottles yuyu anthropologie

YuYu Hot Water Bottle, £60, Anthropologie



Best hot water bottle for kids

best hot water bottle for kids warmies

CityComfort Hot Water Bottle, £10.99, Amazon


Amazon has a number of hot water bottles that resemble stuffed toys – perfect for children.


Best hot water bottle cover

best large hot water bottles 2 john lewis

hush Shearling Hot Water Bottle cover, more colours available, £55, John Lewis


For the ultimate in warmth, this cuddly 100% shearling hot water bottle cover, which measures H37 x W25cm and also comes in leopard print, will ensure that you stay cosy.


Best hot water bottle for pets

best hot water bottle for pets

Hotties Microwavable Pet Warmer, £14.95, eBay


Hot water bottle brand Hotties also makes a microwavable hot water bottle for your pet! Non-toxic and chew/claw-resistant, the Hotties from Petlife warmer can be used for dogs, cats and smaller animals, and is suitable for use anywhere from crates to pet beds.

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