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5 reasons to give up drinking this January by Spencer Matthews

The CleanCo founder can now prioritise his family life with Vogue Williams

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Kate Thomas
Kate ThomasLifestyle Managing Editor
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Spencer Matthews has never been a better father, husband or businessman. Since going sober in 2018, the former Made In Chelsea star has set up his no and low alcohol brand CleanCo, got into fantastic physical shape and is able to focus on his family life with wife Vogue Williams and their two young children Theodore and Gigi.

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Revealing what Vogue thinks about his life-changing decision to ditch the booze, Spencer told HELLO!: "We have a really busy family life and now that I'm sober I'm able to keep up with her pace!"

After discovering there was a gap in the market for spirits like gin and rum that taste like the real deal – without the hangover – CleanCo was born, and the plan this year is to take the company international. 

So if you've already fallen off the Dry January wagon halfway through the month, let Spencer remind you why giving up (or simply cutting down) on your drinking can change your life for the better.

Discover Spencer's five reasons to cut down on drinking below…

spencer matthews vogue williams© Photo: Instagram

Spencer Matthews can keep up with wife Vogue Williams since cutting back on drinking

1 - Moderation is empowering:

Giving up and moderating alcohol intake is an incredibly positive, healthy choice. My approach to giving up alcohol was with a positive attitude, as opposed to coming from a place of lack or mourning - i.e. like I was going to be missing out.

I distinctly remember thinking to myself that actually, nobody ever wakes up and says, "I wish I drank more last night!". Not drinking is often perceived as a negative thing in society, whereas now, the world is ready to embrace low and no alcohol alternatives.

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2 - Choose replacement over abstinence:

January is a month in the calendar dedicated to promoting abstinence - and at CleanCo, the 'nolo' brand I founded in 2019, (no and low ABV alcohol), we believe abstinence needn't feel like a punishment.

spencer matthews celebrate© CleanCo

Spencer went sober in 2018 and has never looked back

We look to encourage people to consider drinking 'clean', as opposed to going dry - as it will feel a lot more accessible and easier to achieve. Our aim is to make the path from people who drink alcohol, to people who drink 'clean', as easy and straightforward as possible.

3 - Cater to your tastes, without the hangover:

When I first made the move to sobriety, the last thing I wanted was sugar-laden, sickly-sweet mocktails which are often worse from a health perspective than alcohol. Many people appreciate the taste of alcohol, but obviously don't enjoy the hangover.

This is exactly why we are offering an easy transition this Clean January with our flavourful, healthful replacements to some of our favourite tipples - which taste every bit as delicious and satisfying as the real deal.

spencer matthews sober© CleanCo

The former MIC star says he doesn't suffer from FOMO

4 - 'Nolo' is an excellent way to avoid 'FOMO' (fear of missing out):

I made the decision to go sober in 2018 and realised that you can still go out and be sociable, and also enjoy yourself with a clean drink that tastes just like the real stuff. You don't have to be confined to a dull soft drink.

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The key is getting used to being in social situations without the stimulation of alcohol and not relying on it for confidence - and the beauty of CleanCo is that you can still enjoy the same great taste as your favourite alcoholic drinks. Our Clean drinks bring all the taste, fun and the memories of a great time. All that's missing is the hangover, and the regret.

spencer matthews vogue williams theodore gigi© Photo: Instagram

Spencer has more time to spend with children Theodore and Gigi

5 - Make more time for business and family:

After three months of sobriety, I found my focus, energy and drive increased dramatically. With two small children, an amazing wife and the energy and agility needed to launch and grow a business from scratch, I've never been happier to say no to an alcoholic drink.

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I do firmly believe in balance in life – and we certainly aren't preaching that people should cut out booze permanently. But finding alternatives that hit the spot and give the same great taste that you would expect from a full-strength gin & tonic certainly helps moderate excess.

Find out more about Spencer's CleanCo range of drinks at

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