Eamonn Holmes reveals how health battle 'ruined' his son's wedding

The This Morning star says it was "awful"

Eamonn Holmes has given fans an update on his experience with shingles, which he contracted in 2018.

On Loose Women this morning, a photo Eamonn, husband to Ruth Langsford, shared at the time was shown on the screen as he said: "That was at a time when my eldest son – my only son to get married. It was the first marriage in the family and that was what I looked like on the wedding day and I had to have that covered up.

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"So you can imagine, I ruined all the pictures, I didn't want to be in them. I didn’t want to be the centre of attention with all this. The timing was awful. The dangerous thing about mine was that if it's on your face, it can affect, maybe impair your eyesight."

Why did Eamonn get it? There are several factors that contribute to shingles, and stress is one of the biggest. Eamonn explained that he was going through one of the most difficult periods of his life at the time.

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"I had just come through what was the second most traumatic experience of my life, the first being my father dying suddenly 30 years ago," he told i News. "The second was being brought to court by HM Revenue and Customs to dispute whether I was freelance or not."

Eamonn shared a photo of himself with shingles in 2018

Eamonn also revealed he has been suffering with a "dead right leg".

He explained that it has been an ongoing issue due to dislocated discs, and that he is trying various paths of treatment in a bid to get better.

"The thing I'm struggling with at the moment is a dead right leg," he said. "I've had two dislocated discs for the past five months. I'm having all sorts of treatment and working through it with all sorts of things like dietary and hydrotherapy."

He added that there had been "progression", but not as much as he had hoped.

Eamonn Holmes shares his son Jack with wife Ruth Langsford

This isn't the first time the This Morning star has dislocated something, either. Back in April, he opened up about having a dislocated pelvis which he told the Irish Independent came from a "mysterious" injury that put his back "out of alignment".

He told his fans about the chronic pain he had been experiencing as a result of this. "Nobody knows what it's like unless they live with someone who has it," he said. "I'm in huge pain and nobody knows how to stop it.

"This hurts like hell and I need to find a way to overcome it. It has lasted a month and it feels like I can't remember what life was like without it."

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