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split screen of Justin Bieber and the oxygen chamber at the Bvlgari Hotel London© Getty

I thought Justin Bieber's sleeping habit was absurd - until I tried it

Hailey Bieber's husband sleeps in an oxygen tank

Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
June 14, 2024
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A few years back, Justin Bieber revealed the somewhat whacky fact that he sleeps in an oxygen chamber.

The singer, who is expecting his first baby with his wife Hailey Bieber, sleeps in the chamber in the hope of ridding his body of toxins that he believes built up during several years of drug abuse.

Justin has at least two hyperbaric chambers, one at his and Hailey's home in Beverly Hills and one at his studio, with the Baby singer explaining how his sleep chamber works: "It fills up with oxygen, I really have been struggling with a lot of anxiety. You get more oxygen to your brain so it decreases your stress levels. It's pretty cool."

Hailey Bieber zips Justin into his oxygen chamber© YouTube
Hailey zips Justin into his oxygen chamber

While Justin's decision to sleep in an oxygen chamber might seem odd, the benefits are undeniable.

Spending time in an oxygen chamber delivers 100% oxygen to the user, which helps to support healing and alleviate inflammation.

The dose of pure oxygen saturates cells in every organ for better, faster and more efficient functioning, promising to supercharge us with no downtime. Athletes regularly climb into the chambers to help aid recovery, plus the pure oxygen can sharpen mental clarity.

Keen to feel the benefits, I booked into the Bvlgari Hotel London Longevity Journey, which offers guests the chance to spend one hour in an oxygen chamber. Here's what happened…

My oxygen capsule experience

The Longevity Journey is part of the spa's commitment to prioritising wellness, with the luxury spot also offering a Sleep Journey, which sees visitors float on an anti-gravity bed, and the Recovery Journey, comprising hot and cold therapy.

I chose the Longevity Journey as I've been struggling with a shoulder injury for several weeks and wanted to see if Justin's method of therapy could support my recovery. Plus I have a busy brain that never wants to quieten down, and if oxygen therapy helps calm Bieber's anxiety, maybe it could help me too.

The oxygen chamber in the Bvlgari Hotel London
The oxygen chamber in the Bvlgari Hotel London

The experience started with a medical form to check I was fit and well to go into the chamber, with my oxygen therapist Victoria explaining everything I needed to know before climbing in.

The chamber itself is surprisingly roomy – I had worried it might feel claustrophobic, but there's a window half the size of the chamber to let light in and stop it from feeling like a tomb.

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The chamber is entirely padded, so it's like lying on a bed, and you can take a book in, or listen to music or a podcast. The one rule is no phones, which was delightful. The session lasts an hour, and I can't remember the last time I lay down for that long and simply listened to music – that was a reset in itself.

Once I was comfortable, oxygen mask in place, Victoria spoke to me via a phone from the outside of the capsule, explaining that we'd eventually get to five metres below sea level, with the pressure helping my body absorb oxygen.

Victoria stayed in the room for the whole of my treatment and coached me via the phone during the descent, telling me to keep swallowing – the sensation was like when you're taking off on a plane and my ears felt some pain as the pressure dropped, with a popping feeling.

I have always had issues with my ears, so when the pressure in them got too much, Victoria opened a valve so to release pressure from the chamber – so while I was still absorbing the oxygen, the pain was less intense.

My ears soon settled down, and once we reached five metres below sea level I was able to lie down comfortably, feeling no different than if I was lying on the sofa.

woman in a dressing gown in an oxygen chamber
I spent an hour in the oxygen chamber

The sixty minutes passed in a blissful bubble of listening to Ben Howard, and before I knew it, it was time for Victoria to release the pressure and for me to come back to reality. The pressure going back to normal was pain-free and I emerged from the chamber feeling invigorated.

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My oxygen chamber results

The mind-calming benefits of the chamber were what I noticed the most. I felt completely zen when I was in there, and that night I slept so peacefully – a common occurrence after time in the tank.

My shoulder also became much more mobile post-session, but I think a few sessions would be better to see the healing benefits of the tank. Athletes sometimes go in daily, according to Victoria, so that's where the healing acceleration comes into play.

Would I sleep in the tank nightly, like Justin? Potentially! It was cosy in there and I like the feeling of an hour of uninterrupted me-time, plus if I slept as well as I did post-chamber every night, I think I'd feel like a new woman.

Find out more about Bvlgari Hotel London's Transformative Spa Journeys.

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