Say goodbye to your brows as new trend emerges from Givenchy

Barely-there brows have moved from the catwalks to major ad campaigns - Brazilian model Adriana Lima debuts the hot new trend for Givenchy 

Forget about sultry eyes and dramatic lips, because eyebrows are the new frontline in the battle to stay one step ahead of the trends.

A new ad campaign from Givenchy features Brazilian model Adriana Lima – the fourth richest model in the world according to Forbes magazine – debuting the hottest new trend for spring/summer: bleached brows.

In fact, all of the models in the campaign feature the same brow-less look, giving the shots a futuristic feel. And it doesn’t end there, because American Vogue has also featured browless babes – although taken one step further, as the hair has been completely removed.

It’s a rather dramatic trend to emerge and was first seen on the spring/summer catwalks, with Aminaka Wilmont showcasing models with barely there brows, before Prada and Balenciaga followed suit during their autumn/winter collections.

But we’d hesitate to recommend epilating the brow area, as the hairs may not grow back - and you can almost guarantee that bushy brows will be the next big thing once this trend has faded away.

Instead, use make-up to play down the brows. L’Oreal Paris make-up artist Sinden was one of the first to highlight the bare-brow trend at Aminaka Wilmont for spring/summer this year, but instead of bleaching the brows or removing them altogether, Sinden used L’Oreal Paris Infallible Concealer in 04, £5.49, applied over the brows. It’s surprising (and disconcerting!) how a solid concealer can instantly make even dark brow hair look non-existent.

Finish with loose powder over the top which will settle on the hairs to give them a more groomed, matte look.

Whatever you do, don’t try to bleach your brow hair at home. You risk burning skin and dissolving the hair. Even using a facial hair bleach will simply turn dark hair orange as it’s made for much finer, downy hair above the lips.

If you want to go the whole hog, ask your hairdresser to bleach your brows for you. And be prepared for some odd looks!