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Binky's blog: 'Preparing to meet our baby girl and renovating our house'

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As my due date approaches, I'm actually very excited and not scared really at all. I know I'm being well looked after and I feel like I've learned the majority of what I need to know. My family and Josh have been great, very supportive and calming so it's fine. I'm excited, I can't wait to meet her!

My sister Anna-Louise is also pregnant two months behind me, she's actually been a bit more sick than I have so she's found it a bit harder, but it's really nice that we're going to have cousins that are so close together in age so they can advance together.


Preparing for our baby…

I'm actually in a bit of a dilemma, my house should have been ready a month ago and we still have builders in there finalising things which is very stressful and very last minute, so for me I just want to get in there and get my things prepared, so maybe in the next couple of weeks I can get in there. Josh has got a property building and developing background so he's trying his hardest to help as much as he can but it's just one of those things. Never get your house renovated when you're having a baby! It's been a real nightmare but hopefully we're nearly there.


I've been going to The Bump Class with Marina Fogle in South Kensington. It's really great, I've met some really lovely new mummies there. I'm the first in my friendship group to be having a baby which I actually really like, and all of my friends are really excited. Recently meeting new mummies as well has been really helpful, we've got a WhatsApp group going on which is quite sweet!

My birth plan…

They say not to plan too much because you can't really plan it properly but I've got what I'd like to happen and I just hope it all goes to plan. I've learned all about other options like hypnobirthing, I think that's really useful for if you get panicky. I'm not panicked yet, I'm actually alright and I feel pretty calm. But if I were to get worked up then I'd know to focus on my breathing and I know how to do that so it's useful.


My pre-natal fitness routine…

I think exercise is good for anxiety and key for labour as well. I don't think enough mothers know yet, but it's been proven to be really good for the baby. You have to follow expert advice and know what you're doing. I have been working with Apteclub activefor 2 campaign, they have free exercise videos suited to pregnant women in all trimesters it’s been so useful to use. I've been doing a lot of stretching and walking also when I can.

binky gym2

My plans for the next few weeks…

I have finally finished work, so I'm going to start taking it a bit easy, I've got to move into my house and it's hopefully going to be no more stress. But I'll be moving into my house, getting settled, getting my nesting on. I recently went to my brother’s wedding is was so nice to be out in the country it was such a beautiful day.


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