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Exclusive! How JB Gill and wife Chloe announced their second pregnancy

The celebrity couple are already parents to son Ace, three

JB Gill and his dancer wife Chloe announced that they were expecting their second child in an exclusive photoshoot and interview in HELLO! magazine in April, revealing that the second baby was born in August. The happy couple then went on to welcome their daughter on 30 July. The former JLS star, CBeebies favourite and farmer JB spoke of how their three-year-old son Ace was the first to predict the pregnancy. "We were out shopping and I was pushing Ace around in his pushchair when he suddenly looked up at me and said, ‘Mummy, we need to get some clothes for my sister’," says Chloe. "I said to him, ‘But you don’t have a sister’. His face went all serious and he went, ‘I do, Mummy - in your tummy’. When I told J, we were like, ‘Whoa!'" "We hadn’t verified anything at that stage," says JB. "But Chloe had been falling asleep a lot and had a few other tell-tale signs, so we kind of knew."

JB Gill and Chloe are expecting their second baby

Since then, Ace changed his mind and decided that the new addition would be a boy. JB said, "And whilst we’ve currently got no plans to find out, I’m tempted to go with his intuition." The couple, who wed four years ago, told HELLO! they have waited to reveal the news. "Because we know people who have had complications, we were cautious to say anything before now," says JB. "In our line of work, you never have the job until you’re on that stage and I guess we’ve approached this the same way – we wanted to make sure we were firmly on that stage."

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The family said that they felt ready to add to their family after Chloe’s traumatic birth with Ace - when the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck after 40 hours in labour followed by other complications - took her a good year to recover from the shock. "I always said I wanted to wait until Ace was a bit more independent before we tried for another one. But I will admit that, after what I went through having him, I was also really nervous about getting pregnant again. I knew I needed to wait until, mentally, I was sure I was ready. Even today, the fears are there." Now, as the couple share their excitement, JB tells how, "Ace kisses Chloe’s tummy and says to the baby, ‘Come soon!’ It’s very sweet."

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JB also revealed that his old JLS bandmates were the first to be told about their baby news. He said: "We hosted a JLS baby shower for Aston and [his fiancée] Sarah [Richards], and because we knew it was likely to be the last time we all got together before their baby arrived, we did it then. " "We try to get away on a JLS ‘family’ break – us boys, our other halves and the kids – every year. We were talking about that and I said: 'And we’ll have another little one to think about, too.' They completely missed it at first, then it dawned on everyone what I’d said. There were lots of hugs and congratulations. They’re over the moon for us."

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