Nadia Sawalha's husband reduced to tears after recalling daughter's terrifying birth

Nadia and husband Mark Adderley discussed their two daughter's births in an honest new YouTube video

Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha and her family have won a legion of fans through their open and honest Instagram YouTube videos over the years. In April 2018, Nadia and husband Mark Adderley sat down to discuss the births of their two daughters, Maddie, now 17, and Kiki-Bea, 12, and it was very emotional! In the footage, the pair spoke in depth about the traumatic arrival of their oldest daughter, and how Mark felt out of control watching his wife's difficult labour, convinced that she was "going to die".

Nadia Sawalha and husband Mark spoke about Maddie's traumatic birth

Maddie was born at home on Nadia's request, something Mark wasn’t convinced was the best idea to begin with. Things only got worse throughout the labour when Mark was told that Nadia wasn’t dilating and "was in a state", causing even the midwife to start panicking. Mark said: "From then on, the birth became the most horrendous situation, because a 'so-called expert' told me that we had to get you to a hospital."

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Mark was convinced he would lose both Nadia and Maddie

Nadia then admitted that while she was adamant everything would be okay - refusing to go to hospital because she wanted a home birth - said she couldn’t have been able to watch someone else in pain. Her sister Dina - who was also present - had told her afterwards "she could never watch again what I went through." In full agreement, Mark admitted through tears: "I thought you were going to die. I genuinely did. I just remember feeling very cross with every part of your life that said this so-called approach was ok. Then I thought my daughter would die. I was so out of control I will never forget passing the door and thinking 'you are going to die.'"

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The TV star previously referred to Maddie – who was born on Christmas Day - as a "survivor of torture after a difficult birth," and tragically suffered more anguish afterwards with three miscarriages before the arrival of youngest daughter. Luckily, Kiki's birth was the polar opposite to Maddie's. "Ironically, Kiki's birth was one of the most heartwarmingly complete sharing experiences I have had in my life, that we couldn’t have had in hospital," said Mark.

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"It was life-changing, completely gobsmacking moment where I felt connected to you where I never felt more connected to you," he told his wife. Nadia admitted that the second time around she had been more prepared, and had made sure that she didn’t let herself get stressed out during the pregnancy. Recalling the moment Kiki was born, she said: "When she came – and we have a photo of her – Mark's face is as if to say 'she's here'. We had all the miscarriages as well, it was insane."

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