Peter Andre's son Junior reveals he's showing symptoms of coronavirus

The 14-year-old admitted he has yet to be tested for COVID-19

Peter Andre's son Junior shared a video on Wednesday revealing he is showing symptoms of coronavirus. However, the 14-year-old made it clear he has not been officially diagnosed with COVID-19. He said in an Instagram Story clip: "These aren’t easy times as we know. I am videoing this to tell you I am showing symptoms of the coronavirus. It is not me saying I have it, I am showing symptoms. Everyone, please stay safe these aren’t easy times like I said." Junior's news comes just hours after his dad revealed his fears over his children catching the contagious disease.

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WATCH: Junior Andre reveals he has coronavirus symptoms

Appearing on Good Morning Britain live from his home in Surrey, Peter confessed that he and wife Emily are now living in separate rooms in order to protect their kids from COVID-19. Doctor Emily – who shares two children with the singer - has been working in her local hospital where she comes into daily contact with patients suffering from coronavirus.

"She obviously doesn't tell me a lot of stuff because of confidentiality, but because she's exposed to the virus quite a lot at the moment in the last few days, it means now at home… we're having to… it's weird to say, but we're having to be in separate rooms," he shared. "And the reason for that is because I'm the one who has to have the kids now and so if I'm exposed to it as well… I'm just scared the kids are going to get it." Peter has taken on the responsibility of looking after their two kids Theo and Amelia as well as his eldest children Junior and Princess, whom he shares with Katie Price.

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Junior Andre has not been tested for COVID-19

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"Emily, along with all the NHS staff and carers are now exposed to something," he explained. "When they come home, their exposure means that we've got to be careful. They've got to be careful, obviously, so we have to have some sort of distance because we don't want the kids to catch it, so it's a little bit of a difficult time." Heaping praise on Emily, he continued: "But she's my absolute hero for doing this, so many people are just stepping up to the plate. This is a really serious issue and I've agreed with you all along when you're telling people, 'Listen to what's going on. This isn't a joke, this is serious."

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