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Charley Webb says her heart is 'secretly breaking' over son Bowie

The Emmerdale star is a doting mum-of-three

Diane Shipley

On Wednesday, Charley Webb confessed that she was feeling strong emotions about her son Bowie starting school.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the devoted mum shared a short behind-the-scenes clip that showed her walking with her son, who is five.

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Her son held her hand as he pulled her along the pavement, and looked excited as he bounced along, his sweet blond hair pushed back from his face.

"Where we going?" Charley asked him. Her middle child's answer wasn't clear, but he seemed excited about their destination.

The actress captioned the sweet video: "Treat day before he starts school tomorrow. My heart is secretly breaking."

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WATCH: Charley Webb shares secret heartbreak over son Bowie

Many parents are sure to relate to the star, who shares three sons with her husband and Emmerdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden.

As well as Bowie, the couple are proud parents to Buster, ten, and little Ace, who turned one in July.

Like many parents, Charley and Matthew have had to find ways to entertain and educate their children since lockdown began back in March.

The talented duo have been on lots of walks in the local countryside with their family, played games, and enjoyed picnics in the large garden at their home.


Charley and her husband Matthew share three children

Last week, Charley shared with her social media followers that despite having plenty of time to prepare for the new school year, she had made some errors with getting her oldest son's essentials ready.

In a video clip posted to Instagram, the 32-year-old said: "I forgot to get Buster's school shoes [but] I managed to get them as I ordered them online because when I went in they didn't have any in his size.

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"Got the labels with their names on to put in all their clothes – they arrived today and they're not for clothes. They don't go into clothes. They only stick on lunch boxes, water bottles – anything but clothes…"

Hopefully Bowie's first day will go a little more smoothly!

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