8 best hypoallergenic dog breeds that won't shed

Allergies sufferers, we've got you covered

Are allergies hindering your chances of getting a dog? You are not alone. Approximately 1 in 8 Brits are allergic to their pets - a deeply disheartening fact for aspiring pet owners. However, luckily there are a number of hypoallergenic dog breeds that don't shed, meaning dog allergy suffers can still enjoy some canine company.

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Hypoallergenic dog breeds are far less likely to stimulate an allergic reaction. Either, these breeds don't shed, don’t have hair or have short coats, meaning there is less dander to shed. We've rounded up 8 adorable hypoallergenic dogs to look into for all the allergy sufferers out there.




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Afghan Hound

A real showstopper of a breed, Afghan Hounds are instantly recognisable by their long, luscious coats and pointed nose. With their tall, thin build, they truly are the runway models of dog breeds. Thankfully, their silky coats are hypoallergenic and don't irritate allergies, meaning owners can enjoy their beautiful appearance without the sniffles.

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Originally hailing from Afghanistan, Afghan Hounds are believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds. These pups are highly comical, independent, sensitive and require a lot of grooming – so be prepared to schedule a daily brush into your day-to-day life.


Afghan Hounds have beautiful, hypoallergenic coats

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small, playful pup with a lot of love to give. Although they can be mischievous, their toy-like appearance that is enhanced by white fluffy fur and small black eyes make them city-dwellers favourites.

Despite their size, they make for perfect family pets especially for those with young children. With their gentle demeanours and silky allergy-free coats, they are the ideal breed for those wanting an easy-going petite pooch. Some Bichons do struggle with separation anxiety, so be sure to give them plenty of attention throughout the day.

Bedlington Terrier

The highly affectionate Bedlington Terrier is a playful English breed that requires consistent mental and physical stimulation. With its distinctly lamblike appearance, the Bedlington terrier has incredibly soft grey curls that are allergy-free.

Although Bedlington Terriers can exhibit signs of stubbornness (as do we all sometimes) they are inquisitive yet entertaining pets that, with plenty of socialisation, make wonderful additions to the family.


Bedlington Terriers' fur is allergy-free

Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels are fun-loving canines who, unsurprisingly given their name, love to splash around. A highly energetic, intelligent breed, Irish Water Spaniels need bountiful amounts of exercise. They are excellent swimmers, which is helped by their quirky webbed paws and poodle-like light-weight curls.

These dogs are rare and require an experienced owner, yet their goofy nature and beautiful appearance make them the perfect pick for outdoorsy, countryside-based families.


Though they be little, they be fierce! (But in the best way possible.) These tiny pups are a gentle and fearless choice, plus they are easily portable for on-the-go owners. They love to be with people and are spritely, obedient breed.

Their silky, straight white hair often falls to the floor, but because Maltese dogs don't have an undercoat, they are hypoallergenic. Although they are a glamourous pet, Maltese pups are delicate breeds that are prone to chills when cold or wet, so need the utmost love and affection when being handled.


Maltese's white coats don't stimulate allergies

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Miniature Schnauzer

A canine extrovert, the Miniature Schnauzer is an intelligent, affectionate, hilarious dog that has heaps of personality. Although Miniature Schnauzers are low shedding, they do require a decent amount of grooming.

This breed is good with children and woo owners with their adorable bushy eyebrows and fuzzy moustache. Miniature Schnauzer thrive when experiencing varied exercise and are never short of swagger when socialising with canine friends.


Equally elegant and intelligent, the poodle is a curly canine who does not shed. They are highly trainable, which is why they are often a Crufts favourite. Regarded as one of the smartest breeds out there, Poodles are water-loving, playful pooches.

They also provide never-ending, non-allergenic hair inspiration – what more could you want?


Poodles have soft curls that don't shed

Portuguese Water Dog

Popularised by Barack Obama and his late dog Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog is an undeniably cute companion with a characteristically curly coat. Another breed with webbed feet which makes them strong swimmers, these canines require vigorous exercise and social interaction.

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While Portuguese Water Dogs retain their youthful bounciness longer than most breeds, they are great family pets who thrive off training and affection.

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