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Top 7 dogs to own if you don't have a garden - and not all of them are small!

No garden? No problem. These are the dogs content in indoor spaces

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Georgia Brown
Senior Lifestyle & Fashion Writer
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Adopting a dog can not only mean you gain a companion for life, but you also provide a safe and loving environment for an animal to become part of your family - but is it ethical to welcome a dog into your home if you don't have a garden?

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No matter what your space at home looks like, all dogs need walking for exercise, wellbeing and to go to the toilet. If you don't have an outdoor space or garden for your pup to roam around in, it's important to dedicate extra time to take them outside and let them explore dog-friendly outdoor spaces, like a park or beach.

Not all dog breeds, particularly larger ones, are ideal for smaller homes without sufficient outdoor space. However, according to Pets at Home, there are several dog breeds that are able to thrive without a garden (providing they're well looked after and given lots of walks).

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So, which pups should you consider adopting if you don't have a garden?

Best dog breeds if you don't have a garden



As well as their compact size, Chihuahuas love human attention so will be happy to cuddle up inside, no matter what size home you own. These low-maintenance pups require minimum exercise, so a brisk morning and evening walk to allow them to go to the toilet will easily please these compact canines.



A member of the Bichon family, Bolognese dogs fall into the toy dog category, meaning they can make great pets if you don’t have lots of indoor space. While they love spending time with you, they don’t need huge amounts of exercise.



Popular with apartment-dwellers are pugs, which love to sleep and eat – we know the feeling! Content with minimal exercise, these mellow animals don't always need a large outdoor space to let off their steam.



French Bulldogs may look built to play and run but they're actually lazy at heart! Once they've had their 20-minute daily walk, they are likely to relax inside, so long as they have human company (and a lot of attention!). Try to spread out walks and playtime throughout the day to keep them engaged and entertained.



Affenpinschers are small dogs that make great pets if you have limited garden space. They were originally bred as ratters, so they still love to explore and need plenty of exercise to stay healthy.



With their beautifully silky white coats and sweet-tempered natures, Maltese are wonderful dogs that have a reputation for being fearless. It can be a good thing if you don’t have a garden for them to get muddy in, as you might not want to mess up their glamorous coat too often, although they’ll still get dirty when you take them for walks.



Greyhounds don't spring to mind when you're thinking of small living spaces, but they are surprisingly calm and mellow – once they've let off some steam on their daily walk!

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