Joanna Page reveals why it’s important for her children to fail and future of Gavin and Stacey - exclusive

The star is known for playing the loveable character Stacey Shipman

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Glowing from her birthday celebrations, Welsh actress Joanna Page couldn't wait to talk all things motherhood ahead of Mother's Day and of course give an update on much-adored TV show Gavin and Stacey.

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The Love Actually star chatted exclusively to HELLO! about her Mother's Day campaign with Buzz Bingo and all about being a mother-of-four after she welcomed baby Boe in December, with husband James Thornton.

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In the conversation, Joanna discussed her number one piece of motherly advice she's passed on to her children.

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She said: "I tell them not worry about failing at anything, to not always think that they’ve got to get things right.

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Joanna and her mum having a blast at the bingo with Buzz Bingo

"It’s brilliant to fail at things because that’s the only way that you learn, if you got everything right all the time then you’re not learning anything.

"Then just stand up if you get something wrong, put your shoulders back, hold your head up high and just carry on going because it’s not the end of the world, nothing is the end of the world."

She also credited her own parents in the conversation when asked about how they supported her through the turbulence of her acting career.

She said: "[My parents] brought me up to be really strong and really confident and I’ve had loads of really strong female role models as well so as an actress they were really supportive."

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Joanna stood beside her mum while being treated like royalty with Buzz Bingo

Despite her supportive home life, unfortunately, the star explained things are far from fair for new mothers in the world of acting.

"Still in this day and age, it is incredibly difficult to be a new mother, there aren't any creches, you can't really bring the baby on set with you," she said.

"No matter how much they try to have equal opportunities and are trying to do something about it it's just kind of impossible and when you're on set.

"I did it when I first had Eva, nine, she continued, before adding that the pressure of that environment can negatively impact your mental health. "Nothing's really changed much from those days nine years ago."

The David Copperfield actress beamed as she spoke about her love for presenting and explained that presenting work, unlike acting work, is much more accommodating for the needs of a mother.

While the Gavin and Stacey star spoke about moving away from acting, she did go on to say that her hiatus is only temporary.

Joanna welcomed baby Boe in December 2021

The 45-year-old revealed she will definitely be returning to acting and, most importantly, would be game for another special episode of everyone's favourite, Gavin and Stacey!

Talking about the show, Joanna said: "I feel like I've now become a member of the audience. I had no idea there was going to be a special because they don't tell us anything at all!

"When Ruth [Jones, co-writer and Nessa actress] phoned completely and utterly out of the blue and said do you want do a special, I was completely flabbergasted.

"So, if there is another one it's going to be a complete and utter shock, but after reading and seeing the last special there's no way they can leave us like that.

"I want to know what Smithy said, I'm dying to know! I want to know; do they get married what happened to Gavin and Stacey - I would like to know what happens to everybody.

"I think I would like to see them married [Nessa and Smithy] so maybe Nessa having another baby or something and then Gavin and Stacey just being happy and them all living together in Barry.

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Joanna looking gorgeous presenting The Pet Show

"But then I'd have to have Mick and Pam move down to Barry because I'd have to have it as a really happy ending, so we'd all just basically have to move into one massive house together in Barry. "

Unfortunately for us, Joanna "has no idea" as to whether we will get another special and even said: "I wouldn't be surprised if they left us all hanging and we'll never know!

"And I wouldn't be surprised if they go back in a few years and say right okay we're going to do another special."

The star made one thing clear however, and that was: "If they said 'will you all do another one' we all would say yes definitely just because it's such a laugh.

"We're all like a family, we have so much fun together that just doing it, it's a joy to work with them all."

On the topic of Mother's Day, the Welsh actress gave us a quick rundown of what a traditional celebration in the Page-Thornton household is like. Joanna said: "Normally they'll [the children] bring me breakfast in bed.

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   Joanna perched on her Mother's Day thrown

"It gets better each year the older they get. Normally you just have a lukewarm, sort of, cup of tea with just a bit of milk in it really because you don't want anyone to burn themselves. With that on a tray and maybe a bit of bread with some butter on it - each year it gets better!"

Joanna lucked out this year, as she explained: "The boys (Kit, six and Noah, five) have just started wanting to do spa treats, they started the other day and I'm sure it was a ploy so that they didn't have to go to bed on time."

According to BuzzBingo's research, one of the top 10 ways people feel like royalty is by having a pamper day – well done boys, sounds like you've got all bases covered!

Buzz Bingo are offering mothers and mother-figures the unique chance to be photographed by a royal photographer this Mother’s Day and inviting them to a special event at their branch in Tooting on Sunday March 27.

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