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Love Island's Francesca Allen opens up about her acne scarring and sends an inspiring message to her fans

Francesca Allen tells her Instagram fans what it was like to go makeup-free in the villa.

francesca allen
Harriet Keane
Lifestyle Intern
September 20, 2019
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If you were engrossed by Love Island over the summer you'll know that contestants are usually sporting full-on glam looks around the villa. Francesca Allen, with her chic outfits, stylish accessories and her full-length pyjamas, was a breath of fresh air on the show as she didn't feel the need to cover herself with makeup 24/7.Earlier this week she showed herself having a treatment for her acne scarring, and on Thursday night she took to her Instagram Stories to open up about why she decided to undergo laser and light therapy at a Harley Street clinic.

francesca headband earrings

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The 23-year-old told her 500k followers: "I've got quite a lot scaring on my cheeks and have acne flare-ups now and then." The former Islander blames her flare-ups on having a bad diet and admits that, like a lot of people, she "can't help but squeeze". 

The brunette beauty then went into detail of the laser treatment she is undergoing to minimise the scarring, revealing she is already on her second session: "It doesn't feel invasive and it seems to be working wonders at the minute… I've tried lots of different things but this is the first time I've seen results in a really short amount of time".

The boutique owner also reflected on entering the villa with her acne scarring, confessing: "I remember being in the villa and thinking 'all these girls are so beautiful and flawless' and there were guys I was trying to impress," but the fashionista refused to let her insecurities get the better of her. "I wasn't gonna start sleeping in makeup - I haven't slept in makeup my whole life - I would have made it worse in the long run and I would have felt even more conscious of my face… so I owned it".

love island francessca

Francesca reassured her followers: "It's something men AND women struggle with… I'd rather not have it but I've learnt to own it. I learnt to accept it, its an insecurity in your mind - because you're thinking about it, you think everyone else is noticing it, but they're not. If you're not talking about it or thinking about it, nine times out of then nobody else is either".

Speaking of guys seeing her scarring, she said: "If you can't accept me or like me for who I am then you're not the one for me." She urged her followers to follow suit - you go, girl, we're so with you!

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