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Victoria's Secret's first redhead Angel is HFM!'s brand new cover star - meet Alexina Graham

"As a model, you’re always asked how many followers you have"

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HFM talks exclusively to international supermodel Alexina Graham – the first redhead to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, a go-to BFF for all her fellow supers and all-round funny girl. The energetic model’s first break came when at the age of 17 she entered the British version of Supermodel of the World, which was linked to Models 1 agency in London. "My mum, who was a part-time model, suggested I tried it out because I was tall and lanky."

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Alexina, 29, describes her personality as "outgoing" (rumour has it she performed a floor drop in front of an impressed Victoria’s Secret panel during her first audition) and "compassionate" – she counts Barbara Palvin and Luma Grothe as her closest friends. 

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"We hang out at work and outside of it, too – for me, it is always friends for both. So we will all call each other, catch up whenever we can and generally just show support for one another."

And she says she looks up to Barbara, who recently moved around the corner from her in Brooklyn, New York. "I really admire her because she’s been working a long time and has just gone further and further in her career – and she’s really good at her job. 

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"Now we’re both Angels, it’s great, because we started off with each other at L’Oreal, moved on for a bit and then came together again with Victoria’s Secret. We’ve also done photoshoots together, which was so nice. She actually cried on our first one, which was so sweet."

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Alexina considers social media a second job. "It is so important now it’s insane. As a model, you’re always asked how many followers you have, especially in New York. I feel like it has taken over the world."

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To cope she has thought out some new ways to up her Instagram following. "It definitely takes me a while to consider a post, I’m really obsessed about my page being in order and I have an app called UNUM, which allows you to lay out your Instagram before you post so you can see what the whole feed will 
look like – tricks of the trade," she laughs. 

To read the interview and pick up the Dec/Jan edition of Hello! Fashion Monthly, out now.

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