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We will happily agonise over lip shades with the best of them, make no mistake. But when it comes to first impressions, a radiant smile is hard to beat.

Dr Alexandra Germain has a lovely smile – natural and bright without looking overly done. Exactly what one would expect one of the globe's leading cosmetic dentists.

Having practised in the US for 15 years, the Canadian-American smile specialist moved her prestigious Fifth Avenue clinic to Paris, followed by London, bringing with her a wealth of dental knowledge and the power to transform lives.

The Beauty Breakdown with… Dr. Alexandra Germain

Dr Alexandra Germain is a smile specialist that has been practising for over 15 years© Dr Alexandra Germain
The smile specialist has been practising for over 15 years

Her Beauty Philosophy

As a mother-of-two and key industry player, Dr Germain's makeup routine on a typical work day has to be speedy, and smile-centric. It's the feature she, like many, notices first when she meets someone, and so enhancing her own is always at the forefront of her mind.

"It's all about a bright smile, I make sure my lips are moisturised - I use the Oskia's Citylife I-Zone Lip & Eye Balm and NYX's Butter Balm for a very natural glow," she explains.

When it comes to beauty maintenance, predictably Dr Germain is all about the pros. She swears by curl specialist and founder of Hair Lounge Charlotte Mensah, even crediting her with "saving" her hair.

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In terms of skin, she regularly sees Dr Dray for Morpheus8, a treatment which combines radiofrequency and micro needling to "restore your collagen production and strengthen your skin barrier". She also relies on a Targeted Facial at Teresa Tarmey to keep her skin looking radiant, supplementing those monthly treatments with an at-home tool every Sunday. 

"While I love discovering new products and optimising my routine, I also don't want to overwhelm my skin and risk losing a routine that works. The way I strike the balance is by trying one or two new products no more. This month for example I have decided to start using a cleanser by Sarah Chapman. I will give it 30 days - a full skin cycle - and keep you posted."

Morning Routine

Dr. Alexandra Germain applying her favourite skincare© Dr. Alexandra Germain
Dr. Alexandra Germain applies her trusted Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops

"In the morning, I literally start my day with my teeth routine because I want to make sure I will have brushed my teeth at least 30 minutes before I have my breakfast. What many do not realise is that the fluoride of the toothpaste will help fight the acidity of my green juice and the sugar from the milk of my latte."

"I start my Oral-B Pro-Expert Floss – so silky and it passes well between every tooth. I then use the small orange Te-Pe Interdental Brushes between my lower anterior teeth to make sure all is clean. After this, I brush with my Oral-B electric toothbrush and Colgate Total toothpaste. I take my copper tongue scraper and brush my tongue. I then spit and off to the shower. Remember not to rinse in order not to wash off the fluoride of your toothpaste which helps fight oral cancer and cavities."

For Dr Germain, taking care of her teeth is just as, perhaps even more important than her skincare routine, hence her motto: "Your smile is your identity."

Skincare-wise, she is "embracing the journey" and very proud of her age, but she also notes that her aim is to look like the "best possible version" of herself. A few of Dr Germain's skincare favourites…

  • Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops Facial Serum
  • SkinCeuticals Serum 10
  • NuFace Skin Roller

Evening Routine

Dr Germain holding Sunday Riley's Good Genes treatment © Dr Alexandra Germain
Dr Germain swears by Sunday Riley's Good Genes treatment

One of Dr Germain's skincare non-negotiables is the ubiquitous double cleanse, ideal for fully removing makeup and leaving the skin feeling balanced and satiated. "The double cleanse is one of my only absolute rules when it comes to skincare. I start with an oil-based cleanser, Skin Design's Face Bath, I highly recommend it, and the glycolic acid cleanser by Paula's Choice, a pure marvel."

"I squeeze three minutes out of my day to put on Dr Dennis Gross' LED eye mask – the before-and-after are just mind blowing, it worked on me when nothing did. Good Genes by Sunday Riley every night on repeat - it's a next day glow guarantee. I also sleep with a leave-in mask by Drunk Elephant's The F-Balm."

"The very last thing I do before I go to bed is my teeth routine. Like in the morning, I start by flossing then I use my interdental brushes for my back molars and front lower teeth where we get the most tartar accumulation. I then use my electric toothbrush again, tongue scraper et voilà. Now if you are dead tired and back from a fun night out, I would recommend you still do the entire routine; but if the night was very good and you are deadly tired, I would prioritise flossing over brushing. Because if you don't brush you get cavities and holes on your teeth which can be fixed. However, if you don't floss, then you can lose your teeth and truly it is a bigger problem."

Going Out Makeup

Dr Alexandra Germain applying evening makeup© Dr Alexandra Germain
Her evening makeup is a little more glam

When dialling up her makeup for an evening event, again, Dr Germain centres her look around her smile. "If I want a high-effort makeup look, especially for an event, I put on a vivid red lipstick - it enhances the whiteness of my teeth. I typically use 'Tuxedo Red' by La Bouche Rouge." On the eyes, she loves the "incredible" silver shade in Isamaya's Industrial Pigment Palette and to help maximise the longevity of her look, she rates Milk's Hydro Grip Primer.

Quick-Fire Beauty Questions…

Which beauty trends or techniques are you currently obsessed with?

"Contour Cube – I must confess that I got sold by TikTok. I keep trying to master the technique, it's a work in progress, I am not Kendall Jenner yet. Skin Cycling - I am definitely trying to get into this one – alternating exfoliation / retinol and hydration restorative serums. It's actually harder than it sounds - I always get my nights mixed up!"

Which is the most common makeup mistake you see and how can it be avoided?

"As a cosmetic dentist I notice the teeth first, I would say that when you apply bright lipstick do not forget the teeth check - I have my darker shade lipstick in an old school mirrored box so I can check on the go. The La Bouche Rouge lipstick has an integrated mini mirror so it's ideal for the job."

Are there any beauty hacks you can share for the perfect smile?

"If you have a hectic schedule and can't keep up with your optimal teeth routine but want to make sure your teeth look as white as possible, try and at least eat the right food. Focus on leafy greens, crunchy veggies - start the day with a green juice for example, have strawberries that stimulate malic acid and help keep your teeth white. Don't have turmeric, curry, beetroot, red wine or too much coffee or tea!"

Can you recommend any multitasking makeup products that you find particularly useful?

"I use my Rosehip Balm by Neal's Yard Remedies - I use it on my lips, my elbows, any dry skin patches I get. I also use it on my kids as it is 100% organic and natural."

 How do you adjust your makeup routine for different seasons or weather conditions?

"I always book in for a deep facial at the end of winter – I have booked my Signature Facial at Neal's Yard in Covent Garden - I cannot wait for this me time. I also adapt my makeup by switching foundation for BB cream. In the warmer months I tend to dial down my makeup routine."

Are there any upcoming beauty products or treatments that you're excited to try in your routine?

"I am going for my first Profhilo treatment at Dr Dray - I have been hearing so many great things and I can't wait to try it."