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West London wellness capital Bodyism, frequented by many a health-centric celebrity, boasts five key pillars at its core. Movement, mindset, nutrition, recovery and connection take precedence, billed as the "powerful blueprint" for a long, healthy life.

Unsurprisingly, the brand's co-owner Nathalie Schyllert follows a similar path. In the former ballerina and mother-of-three's personal routine, she subscribes to a "holistic approach" beginning with nutrition and hydration.

The Beauty Breakdown with Nathalie Schyllert

Nathalie Schyllert applying skincare in the mirror © Nathalie Schyllert

Her Beauty Philosophy

Product-wise, Nathalie prioritises "practicality and effectiveness", choosing formulas to complement her pursuit of a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. "Daily, I cleanse, hydrate, and protect with natural products, focusing on antioxidants and SPF," she tells Hello! Fashion.

"Nightly, I indulge in thorough cleansing and skin products with active ingredients. Weekly, I incorporate exfoliation and masks at home in addition to my facials. Overall, my routine emphasises mindfulness, nourishment, and consistency, promoting skin balance and radiance aligned with my wellness philosophy."

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Morning Skincare

Nathalie Schyllert morning skincare © Nathalie Schyllert

"I start my morning skincare routine by using Dior's Prestige La Micro-Lotion de Rose, it's made with minerals and rose oils to keep your skin hydrated for a whole day, leaving it feeling super fresh. The face cream I use the most is the Diamond Luminous Perfecting cream by Natura Bisse, which helps to fade the appearance of dark sunspots."

"Chantecaille's Rose De Mai Eye Lift depuffs like no other eye cream and it even comes with a cooling applicator that minimises the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. La Mer's SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid is the only SPF that I use for my face. It has the most perfect lightweight texture but it's still powerful to protect against UV rays. After my pregnancies, I have had some problems with sun pigmentation, so this SPF is a must for me every day."

"I finish off by spraying the Swedish brand Mantle's The Must Mist before adding makeup. It adds extra hydration and boosts the absorption of other creams and makeup. Then I spray on some extra throughout the day to refresh the glow and it also shields against damaging blue screen light."

Everyday Makeup

Nathalie Schyllert selfie day makeup © Nathalie Schyllert

As a busy working mother, Nathalie's typical go-to makeup look is super speedy, achieving everyday polish in just five minutes. "For daytime events, I go for a super natural makeup look with a main focus on fresh, glowy skin and defined eyebrows," she explains. "I've just turned 42, so I have learnt to adapt my makeup over the last few years. Nowadays I use much less and I usually don't use any eyeshadow during the daytime since I feel it makes me look older when I use too much eye makeup during the day."

"I mix my favourite Dior Forever Glow Star Filter Foundation with Charlotte Tilbury's Wonder Glow and apply it with my hands to ensure it blends perfectly into my skin." After a touch of the Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer, also by Charlotte Tilbury, Nathalie adds dimension to her face with blush. "I apply Chanel's Roses Coquillage onto the apples of my cheeks then define my eyebrows and keep them in place by using Blink Brow Bar's Ultra Slim Eyebrow Definer and Chantecaille's Full Brow Perfecting Gel, followed by the brand's Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara."

 "Over the years, I've experimented with various techniques and products to find what works best for my brows. The worst experience I had was in my early twenties when a makeup artist shaved off the ends of my eyebrow arches during a modelling job! It took ages for them to grow back out. These days, I don't let anyone touch them and I prefer a more natural, groomed look. I tend to keep things relatively simple. I start by tweezing any stray hairs beneath the arch to maintain a clean, defined shape. Once a month I tint my eyebrows in a dark or medium brown shade to add depth and definition."

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Evening Skincare

Nathalie Schyllert evening skincare © Nathalie Schyllert

"I would never go to bed without removing my makeup. I use Chanel's L'Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil which effortlessly removes all my makeup in one go, including stubborn eye makeup. Once a week I exfoliate with Mantle's The Ex and put on The Miracle Mask to reveal smoother and more rejuvenated skin."

"Then I add Chanel's Sublimage L'Extrait De Nuit. It's a new serum by Chanel and I'm obsessed with it. I use it while giving myself a mini face massage and I saw a difference in just a week after using it every evening. Following this, I apply Chantecaille's La Crème A La Rose de Mai, an advanced cream fortified with immunity-boosting ingredients to enhance skin resilience. Finally, I lightly dab my under-eye area with the brand's 24K Gold Energising Eye Cream. I find that it helps to reduce my dark circles each morning."

"I go to Mallucci for a LaseMD treatment a couple of times a year. It is a skin resurfacing laser treatment that rejuvenates the skin at a cellular level. The treatment is also nicknamed the 'Babyface' treatment and it's perfect for maintaining healthier skin with minimal downtime. There's no redness already within a day post-treatment. I also go for a regular speedy face sculpting and lifting workout at FaceGym and deep cleansing facials at Bodyism with Holly." 

Going Out Makeup

Nathalie Schyllert evening makeup © Nathalie Schyllert

For special events, Nathalie usually amps up her makeup with a brown pencil for some extra definition on the eyes, and a soft, your-lips-but-better pink. "For the rare occasions when I use eye makeup, I often use the shadow pencil by Charlotte Tilbury called Colour Chameleon."

"It has a super-soft creamy formula that can be smudged with your fingers on the eyelids and a small brush under the eyes. It comes in lots of different shades to bring out your eye colour. Since I have blue/green eyes I have the 'Bronzed Garnet' colour."

"I would love to be able to wear red lipstick at night, but I always smudge it so I usually end up wearing a natural pink shade, slightly deeper in tone for night." Nathalie's go-to lip combination is Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat pencil and lipstick in 'Pillow Talk'."

Quick-Fire Beauty Questions… 

Do you have any tips for achieving a flawless complexion?

 "I truly believe that beauty starts from within and therefore I drink Bodyism's Beauty Food supplement several times a week to improve my skin and hair quality. It has lots of super greens, antioxidants and marine collagen peptides. It's like a deep repair treatment for my skin. I like to mix it up with coconut water, ice, and half an apple for a refreshing drink. I also drink plenty of water and I add lots of healthy fats to my diet, such as sunflower seeds, avocado and olive oil. I find that it improves my skin texture and overall glow."

Are there any multitasking makeup products that you find particularly useful?

"The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow is perfect for on the go or when you're in a rush. It's packed with vitamin E and skin-softening beeswax and it keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I don't only use it on my cheeks and lips, it's also great to add on the eyelids with the fingertips for quick 10-second eye makeup."

How do you adjust your beauty routine for different seasons or weather conditions?

"In the winter I use Natura Bissé Diamond Luminous Perfecting Cream and Serum to reduce any signs of sun pigmentation. I sometimes add some Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial for an extra glow during the winter months. In the summer I use La Mer Moisturising Fresh Cream. Its super lightweight texture is just perfect, especially when I'm breaking a sweat during my daily Bodyism classes or going for a long walk in the hot summer months."

Which beauty trends or techniques are you currently obsessed with? 

"Firstly, I've learned that skincare is key, a good makeup look starts with a healthy canvas. I've found that regular exfoliation and hydration are essential for maintaining smooth, radiant skin, it is always trendy! For this summer I will also try a splash of colour – Chanel's Stylo Yeux in an amazing vibrant colour, 'Abyssal Blue'."

Which beauty mistakes do you see most often?

"Choosing the wrong eyebrow pen colour, which can look unnatural. Try the products in daylight and select an eyebrow pen that matches your natural eyebrow colour or is slightly lighter for a more natural look. Another is ignoring skincare, which impacts the overall appearance and longevity of makeup. I recommend establishing a consistent skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturising, and using sunscreen daily. Healthy, well-prepped skin provides a smoother canvas for makeup application and can enhance the overall look of the makeup."

Are there any beauty hacks or time-saving tips you swear by for busy mornings?

"One time-saving trick that's a game changer for my busy mornings is my hair routine. I wash my hair the night before and let it air-dry partially before going to bed. I sleep with a towel draped over my pillow while my hair finishes drying. This not only adds some nice volume, but it also ensures my hair is completely dry when I wake up. Then, in the morning, all it takes is a quick brush through and a small amount of the Lernberger Stafsing BB Leave-In Treatment to tame any flyaways. Perfect hair without the hassle of having a blow dry."

Are there any upcoming beauty products or trends that you're excited to try in your makeup routine?

"One trend that has caught my attention is the rise of refillable makeup products. These allow consumers to replenish their favourite products without constantly repurchasing new packaging, reducing waste in the process. Additionally, brands are increasingly adopting biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials, further minimising their environmental footprint."