Stacey Solomon reveals disagreement with Joe Swash over house move

The Loose Women star recently announced she is moving to 'Pickle Cottage'

Nichola Murphy

Stacey Solomon and her fiancé Joe Swash are packing up their possessions ready for their house move, which they announced last week.

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Selling and buying properties can be a very stressful experience, and Stacey has revealed she and Joe have already come across one disagreement.

As expected, the Loose Women star is very organised with her approach to packing, ensuring each box contains as many items as possible to save space – but Joe has a very different strategy!

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Stacey shared a photo of two boxes on her Instagram Stories, one packed by herself and one prepared by Joe in order to compare.

Next to her own box, she joked: "How normal people pack: soft blankets and toys between delicates, use the space, fold things down, put in sections." It was filled with her youngest son Rex's cuddly toys and other items from his bedroom.

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Meanwhile, Joe's was very empty in comparison, with just two wooden shelves and a lampshade resting inside."How Joe packs, I have no words," she added.


The Loose Women star compared her organised packing to Joe Swash's attempt

Stacey recently announced that the couple had been looking for their "forever home" which was "further from the city and closer to our family" – a decision likely impacted by both the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to expand her family.

The TV star – who is a doting mum to sons Zachary, Leighton and Rex – revealed she had found a new property, called 'Pickle Cottage', and has now explained why she kept the news a secret from her followers. 


Stacey and Joe recently announced they are moving to Pickle Cottage

One asked: "Are you moving really soon?" and Stacey replied: "Yes we are. We didn't want to say anything until it was right at the last minute because with any sale/purchase anything can fall through right up until the last minute so we just wanted it to be definite or as close to before saying anything."

Another follower also asked about her interior decoration plans, particularly whether she would be creating another pink room like her current laundry room.

"It's all I've been thinking about. Where can I make a pink room? I will do my best to bring everything with and recreate it again," she said.

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