Prince Philip's uncle Lord Mountbatten's navy-inspired London home - inside

Inside Brook House in London

Nichola Murphy

Lord Louis Mountbatten was well known as Admiral Of The Fleet, and his love of the sea translated into his home life, too. Prince Philip's uncle and the Queen's second cousin once removed lived in London with his wife Edwina in Brook House, Park Lane.

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The couple moved into the third floor of the grand property shortly after they got married in 1922 – and they even held their wedding reception there.

The interior of the house was originally masterminded by Charles Allom, decorator for the royal family, but Lord and Lady Mountbatten remodelled the home after Edwina inherited it in 1925. Naval themes ran throughout the interiors, with several rooms designed to look like the cabin of a battleship.

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Photos taken in 1926 gave a peek inside Lord Mountbatten's former home which included a study area with a round porthole window. A wooden desk sat next to a filing cabinet, while there appears to be a navy photo displayed on the wall next to a bookshelf. Another view of the room reveals an armchair and a fire next to an identical porthole.


Lord Louis Mountbatten's home Brook House featured portholes

Meanwhile, Edwina's bedroom featured more classic decor with a double bed covered with a quilted cover, two bedside tables and a bed bench topped with ornaments.

But in 1930, they supposedly tried to sell Brook House and ended up moving into a double-storey penthouse on top of a new building on the site. Finished in 1937, the penthouse was accessible via a lift and had luxurious features including a curving staircase, a room for cinema projection and a boudoir for Lady Mountbatten.

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Another undated snap reveals an open plan living space, with shelves displaying several trophies, a round table in the centre topped with flowers and chairs around a fireplace.


Lady Mountbatten's bedroom

This is just a tiny glimpse inside the mammoth property, which reportedly boasted 24 bedrooms, 11 reception rooms, a sixty-foot-long ballroom and a dining room that could host 100 guests.

Lord and Lady Mountbatten had two daughters: Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma, and Lady Pamela Hicks.


The living area in Brook House

Louis was killed in 1979 aged 79 while he was lobster-potting and tuna fishing and his boat was exploded by a radio-controlled bomb. The IRA took responsibility for the attack.

His daughter Penelope now lives in a 60-room mansion in Hampshire called Broadlands with her husband Earl Mountbatten, Norton Knatchbull. The 18th century, Grade I listed property with its idyllic 86-acre grounds was the honeymoon location for the Queen and Prince Philip after their iconic wedding day in 1947, which was owned by Louis and Edwina at the time.

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